Making Light In Terezin

Making Light In Terezin

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Making Light In Terezin

If you have ever been touched, or had your life changed, by a song, film, book or performance, you inherently understand the transformative power of the arts. This documentary film reveals the true story of how, in WWII's darkest days, prisoners in the Terezin ghetto (outside of Prague) made light and found a mechanism for survival through theater, song, dance and laughter... Making Light in Terezin follows a modern day Minnesota theater group as they travel to Terezin to perform a cabaret piece originally created and enacted there during WWII. Weaving together interviews with performers, Holocaust survivors and scholars discussing Jewish humor, Jewish history and more, it tells a story not only of survival but also the triumph of a culture, artistic expression, and the human spirit. "Making Light in Terezin" celebrates the indomitable creative spirit that was alive-and helped save lives-in 1943.

The film was written, produced and directed by Richard Krevolin and features interviews of Rabbi Irwin Kula, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, Jake Ehrenreich, Pavel Stransky, Lisa Peschel and others.

Televised Broadcasts:
The film will have appear on 185 PBS stations around the United States in 2015.

"Moving... Miraculous... Life Altering... Making Light in Terezin shines brightly in the face of
Nazi terror."
-- S.K.Shelton, The New Haven Register

"Great... It tackles the dominant narrative of the Holocaust."

-- Helen Grant,

Film Festivals:
Kansas City, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, New Haven, Los Gatos, etc.

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