Theresa in Wonderland

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About the author:
I am pleased to present you with various books, in the Urban Christian Fiction genre. These books are all written in and around everyday life events. There are sometimes brief sex, violence, or profanity included, but please do not be offended, as they are written with taste. You or someone that you know may identify with these characters or stories. They are all written for you to not only enjoy as you revisit these familiar scenes and activities, but to receive its message.
Everyone will not like the story's message or contents, but please keep in mind, that though you may not like it and it may seem extreme or unreal, please understand that these stories are all inspired by real life events and news reports. So, the book that you may have may not be your story, but don't let that stop you from finding your story. I've got plenty of other titles to choose from!
The majority of the books are short, so that the message will not be lost while your entertainment need is being met without taking a large portion out of your time.
You may question, who authorized me to deliver messages to anyone?
The answer is simple. I have no authority by the city, state or government to pass judgement or advice. I am simply a Chicagoan, who has often shared your stories or even lived these lifestyles as well. As an adult, with a past, I've been blessed to be able to tap into my inner worth and see the error of these ways and now, I am simply doing what someone did for me: paying it forward. With stories, that I write for you to love! So, enjoy and please leave your review where you got your copy.
If you have family or a friend who has not read one of my titles, feel free to suggest one that is possibly geared to the message that THEY need to receive.
Remember, you can also pass the message, simply by sharing the book!

"You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone." (James 2:24)

Theresa in Wonderland

Authored by Dominique Wilkins

While attending Tremont High School, Theresa Mallory is attacked by a fellow student- a bad girl named Lola with a rusty box cutter. Caught off guard, Theresa was slashed in the face with it. As blood gushed from her wounds, none of the bystanders did a thing to stop Lola, until Tina Pettiiford appeared and halted the attack.

The wounds left Theresa mentally scarred and disfigured. Only Tina seemed to be un-phased by Theresa's face, so the two became best friends. Each bore her own scars. As a result of Tina being jockeyed from one foster home to another, her adult life remained unstable as she jumped from one bad relationship to another. On the other hand, after spending a great deal of time in her own created wonderland to recuperate, life improved for Theresa. Over time, she was able to return to the real world, where she attended college, met Joe, then married and started a family with him.

Well into their forties, no one understood Theresa's unending loyalty to Tina, and Theresa didn't care. Tina saved her life and did what no one else would, so she would be a good friend and come to her rescue whenever she needed her to! Unfortunately, it never occurred to Theresa that their friendship wasn't going both ways, because while she was being a great friend to Tina, Tina was setting her up to ruin her life, making her wish Lola would've finished what she started years ago...

Publication Date:
Aug 21 2012
1479171913 / 9781479171910
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
Black and White
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Fiction / Christian / Collections & Anthologies

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