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... Under the Constitution with Liberty and Justice for ALL

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About the author:
I am a US citizen but born in Europe and grew up most of my life in the US. I live somewhere in the 50 states, but travel a lot. I have multiple advance degrees in engineering, business, finance, and economics, but no philosophy degree. I am married to the love of my life and soul mate and have two children. I hate injustice with a passion, no matter what form it comes in. I'm not wealthy, but I am better off than most. I've lived in many countries. I keep company with those that are honorable, passionate, honest, ethical, just and that have integrity, and strong morals based on justice. I tend to dislike people that are blindly religious, superficial, pretentious, lie, politically correct, short-sighted, sugar-coat words and ideas, indecisive, careless, foolish, don't respect people for who they are, but respect people for what they are, and I don't like people that treat others with disrespect and disdain, because they can and can get away with it. Most of all, I don't like politicians, all colors of the jc clergy, sexists, bigots, socialists, communists, terrorists, rapists, child molesters, and powerful and wealthy people that abuse their power. I respect, admire and reward our military personnel and have done so long before it was popular to do so. I don't have a lot of friends, but a handful of close friends. I want to be influential, but I don't want to be famous. I enjoy managing my own money and will only trust a very small handful of people. I occasionally enjoy an alcohol-based drink, but don't smoke, and I'm proud that I've never taken any form of illicit drugs. I'm generally fairly quiet and easy going, but passionate when I talk about subjects that interest me; however, many are intimidated by my passion. I'm blunt to a fault, and don't mince words, but I don't mean to offend, insult or disrespect, unless I'm provoked. I'm not a smooth talker, and certainly far removed from being politically correct as they come. I believe that there is a time and a place for almost everything, even profanity. I believe in capital punishment, corporal punishment and real deterrence. I have been told that I make Ronald Reagan look like a communist and that Genghis Khan is on the political left compared to me. I'm writing this book in the hopes of changing the world for the better, starting with the US. My favorite colors are primary colors and black and white. I enjoy a good golf game and love watching the Olympics. Our family likes to vacation in Hawaii.

... Under the Constitution with Liberty and Justice for ALL

Authored by Alex Hussein Ahmedinejahd

... Under the Constitution with Liberty and Justice for All

The TRUE accounting of why the US has fallen into the depths of financial and moral distress and what we need to do to right the country, financially, economically, and philosophically.

The financial and economic problems that the US is experiencing today have nothing to do with Wall Street and the rich or with necessarily either of the two major political parties. On the contrary, the root cause of all of our problems is average (philosophically) Americans: Specifically, their inability to think beyond the short-term. In turn, short-term thinking leads to destructive behavior, which then leads to more short-term thinking reinforcing the tragic cycle. At the heart of this American tragedy is the people's philosophy, and the people's philosophy is greatly dictated by the judeo-christian (jc) philosophical construct. The problem with the jc philosophical construct is that like all other manmade religions, it is irrational and therefore destroys the minds of the people that toil under its influence by preaching blind faith and blind obedience, by forcing people to ignore and dismiss Justice by preaching blind/universal love, and by attempting to impose on the people the will of some entity that which absolutely cannot exist. And, because the jc construct is the cornerstone of our society's philosophy, and given that our society is in decay, this strongly implies that religion - not money - is the root of all evil. Therefore, for our society to function properly, the irrational position of the jc philosophical construct must be completely rooted out of our society and replaced with an alternate philosophy that is based on logical thinking, rational assumptions and unimpeachable universal rights. This is the only way we can guarantee a prosperous future for all. In this book, I outline why we, as a country, are headed for the financial and moral precipice, what the root causes are, how to fix the problems, what the philosophical underpinnings that we need to change for the better are, how average (philosophically) Americans should participate in the next American revolution and how we all benefit. Most of all and most importantly, my philosophy is logical, based on rational assumptions and universally inalienable rights, and it is applicable to all in our country. Also, I strongly believe it is the right path for us all. And, yes, logic is everything. Lastly, my philosophy is based on the fact that the universe is black and white. If it wasn't then we could not have times of clarity or resolution to anything in our lives. However, people can't grasp that the universe is truly black and white because they think that the lack of precognition is what makes the universe gray. However, this is not the case: The universe will do what it does and our lives will work out according to the decisions that we make. So, the universe is actually black and white. Last teaser: Everyone in our country should pay the same number of dollars for taxes. This is actually the fairest policy of any, because the government must not prejudice against anyone and should provide the same services equally to everyone. In my book I cover these issues and more, including tax policy, religion, education, economic policy, law and regulations, relationship management, moral philosophy and the evils of social programs, among other topics. So, buy my book, read it and come join the next American revolution. Let's make sure that our future generations aren't burdened with the crushing debt and the decrepit moral philosophy that is slowly but surely driving our country towards both financial and moral bankruptcy. It isn't too late to change, but time is running out.

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0615691544 / 9780615691541
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