The Knights of Fuzz
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The Knights of Fuzz

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The Knights of Fuzz

The revival of the garage and psychedelic music sound from 1980 into the new century can now be seen on this official Knights of Fuzz video DVD. The raw, fuzzed sounds of alternative-rock favorites didn't come out of thin air -- their roots are in the sounds of the ongoing 1960s-inspired underground garage and psychedelic music scene. A steady blast of revival garage-psych sounds has covered the globe since 1980, and the best of it is collected for the first time in "THE KNIGHTS OF FUZZ: the new garage & psychedelic music explosion."

The video of the feature-length DVD features a new scene documentary, 20 newly restored music videos, bonus footage, and interviews -- all produced by Timothy Gassen, award winning filmmaker and acclaimed garage rock expert. The underground garage and psych music story can finally be told: THE KNIGHTS OF FUZZ is here!

(This DVD uses the the NTSC video standard -- viewers outside North America should make sure your player can play this DVD before ordering.)


1) An introduction documentary film featuring
clips from The Pandoras (CA), Lears (FL),
Not Quite (CT), Mad Violets (NY), and many
others - plus full-length music videos from:

2) Chesterfield Kings
"99th Floor" 1983
Rochester, NY

3) Fuzztones
"Ward 81" 1985
NY, NY & Los Angeles, CA

4) Miracle Workers
"You'll Know Why" 1985
Portland, OR

5) a surprise band!

6) Gruesomes
"Hey!" 1988
Montreal, Canada

7) 10 Commandments
"Not True" 1989
Toronto, Canada

8) Fortune & Maltese
and the Phabulous Pallbearers
"Leave No Stone Unturned" 1997
Kalamazoo, MI

9) Cynics
"Girl You're On My Mind" 1990
Pittsburgh, PA

10) Untamed Youth
"Supercharged Steamroller" 1990
Columbia, MO

11) Girl Trouble
"Cold Shoulder" 1990
Tacoma, WA

12) Jonny Chan & The New Dynasty 6
"Hey!" 1998

13) Plasticland
"Color Appreciation" 2001
Milwaukee, WI

14) Freddy & The Four Gone Conclusions
"Stand Up" 2003
Detroit, MI

15) The Woggles
"Ragged But Right" 2004
Atlanta, GA

16) Les Breastfeeders
"Mini Jupe Et Watusi" 2005
Montreal, Canada

17) Marshmallow Overcoat
"Psilocybic Mind" 2006
Tucson, AZ

Bonus Video Fuzz:
1) The Cheepskates
"Big Bad World" 1983

2) The Vipers
"Tellin' Those Lies" & "We're Outta Here" 1985

3) Marshmallow Overcoat
"Suddenly Sunday" 1988
Tucson, AZ

4) Radio Show Audio Interviews

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