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Michael Gordon is the Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Social Entrepreneurship and Business Administration at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, where is he a former associate dean. He is an award-winning educator and author, a social innovator (honored by the Smithsonian Institution three times), and an acclaimed public speaker. His passion is creating a better world, guided by cutting edge organizations. He is author of Design Your Life, Change the World: Your Path as a Social Entrepreneur. He is keenly interested in applying insights gleaned from around the world to address societal problems in the U.S. Learn more at

Christian Sarkar is the founder of several entrepreneurial ventures, a marketing consultant, and the co-founder of the $300 House Project. He is also the VP of Innovation for Enterprise for a Sustainable World. Christian works with businesses, nonprofits, and leading thinkers to challenge assumptions, grow good ideas, and develop ecosystematic business models. Learn more at


Will America Find Its Soul Again?

Authored by Michael Gordon, Christian Sarkar

Inclusivity: Will America Find Its Soul Again? (Illustrated Edition) Americans want a fairer distribution of wealth and a more equitable distribution of opportunity. We want inclusivity--but how can we achieve it? Inclusivity: Will America Find Its Soul Again? discusses eight perspectives on creating a more inclusive United States, none of which requires government intervention.
  1. Our problems at home also create opportunities.
  2. Community-level entrepreneurship is at the leading edge of economic revitalization.
  3. Challenging our economic beliefs is vital for creating inclusive wealth.
  4. Urban centers can take the lead on inclusivity by following distinctly different paths.
  5. Inclusive education begins with students doing, not administrators talking.
  6. Social wellness creates better health by incorporating a new workforce and new practices, including community members who provide frontline support.
  7. Inclusive leaders insist on creating meaningful value for others--always.
  8. An inclusive future means transcending cultural barriers and identifying untapped resources.
This book looks at problems of health, education, livelihood, and a deteriorating environment in both urban and rural America, and it tells the stories of individuals and organizations that are leading the way to solve these problems. The 50 stories in this book tell of American renewal and the restoration of opportunity--to live a life with economic opportunity, good health, an education suitable for today and tomorrow, and to enjoy clean air, water, and skies--for all. Businesses, social entrepreneurs, and people not too different from the rest of us are leading the way. Get inspired by their efforts. Learn their secrets. And help create an America that we all wan--one of inclusivity. The illustrated edition contains the Inclusivity Toolkit, a list of questions that can help you embrace the perspective necessary to tackle problems of job creation, lack of access to quality health care, subpar education, and a deteriorating environment. It also includes paintings, by the author, that vividly bring the stories in this book to life.


  • The power of companies to improve the world while making a profit has never been stronger. Business is waking up to opportunities at the base of the pyramid in the developing world. Just as those opportunities demand a new logic, so do our societal problems at home. Inclusivity paints a picture of the future of business in the United States that is just starting to take shape. All businesses must master the competency that this book so vividly illustrates: inclusivity.
    -- Professor Vjiay Govindarajan, Tuck School at Dartmouth University
    Author: Reverse Innovation
  • Creating a greener planet, serving the poor, and acts of a similar spirit present a great opportunity for business. Inclusivity let us see how the base of the pyramid at home--BOP US--is as full of opportunities as it is overseas. Better, it tells us how to take advantage of them. The United States is tied in knots by those who think business is the cause of all our problems and those who think it can do little wrong. This book shows a third way: more inclusive organizations that generate opportunity for everyone.
    -- Stuart L. Hart, Johnson School of Management, Cornell University
    Author: Capitalism at the Crossroads
  • We have real challenges that need lots of real solutions: healthcare, education, livelihood, and sustainability, to name a few. Inclusivity explains how to make innovation happen. It will give you the examples of what really works and the tools to make it work for you.
    -- Jeff DeGraff, PhD
    Founder: The Innovatrium Institute of Innovation
    Author: Innovation You; and Leading Innovation

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