Women's Manual Guide to Ultimate Pleasure

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About the author:
Iyad Hamadani, a self-established writer, was born on November 1979 in Saudi Arabia. After spending his childhood in Lebanon, he moved to the United States of America at the age of sixteen. Living in multi-cultural environments inspired him to view the world in different perspectives. Throughout the years, he habitually developed an intense and unique interest in the subject of sexual pleasure. His approach revolves around the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of humans to enhance the overall divine pleasure. The quest to solve sexual frustrations found in people has led him to write about the fundamentals of ultimate sex.

Women's Manual Guide to Ultimate Pleasure

Authored by Iyad Hamadani

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Woman's Manual Guide to Ultimate Pleasure is an educational sex guide. It promotes health while adding mental, psychological, and emotional balance. It guides you to bring out your inner sensuality. It is not your typical female sex book. It does not show fancy sex positions, nor does it explain how to gain low or fake pleasure like porn movies.

Benefit from proper and guided ways of sex: express and share the energy of love, enter a joint meditative state, and prolong your youth and sex life expectancies. Empower yourself with physical skills to enhance sex and please your lover at higher levels. Enjoy superior sex while cultivating sexual energy and relieving sexual frustrations. Reach higher levels of sensuality to reach Ultimate Pleasure.

Every man and woman can learn to enjoy hours of love making and please each other at peak intensities previously thought impossible by advancing their sexuality using my Manual Guides.


Fulfilling sex promotes longer, happier, and healthier lives 1. Discover and reap the benefits of achieving pleasurable ultimate sex. Circulating sexual energy harvests even more benefits, including mental and spiritual power. Throughout history, various religions affirm the woman's healing powers. Learn how to advance your sensuality while promoting yours and your lover's well-being. Savoring the divine bliss of sex, forgetting time, and leaving the whole world behind are the ideal achievements of sex. Making love becomes a union of each other's pleasure peaks and bodies.

There is a need in today's society to deal with unwanted sexual frustration. It is a deep chronic sense that arises from unfulfilled psychological needs and physical desires. Sexually repressive societies spawn many of the unnecessary frustrations. Statistics show 58% of women in relationships are unsatisfied worldwide 50. Furthermore, 43% experience sexual difficulties like: pain, unpleasurable, low desire, and difficulty with lubrication or orgasm 50. Solving these issues will help the discontent feeling and problems found in unfulfilled relationships.

This book will help you reach supreme sexuality and satisfaction while relieving many sexual frustrations. It will teach you what you should have learned in the first place. Superior sexual education is your birthright knowledge.

We have come a long way since doctors and midwives treated hysterical women with genital rubbing leading to orgasms. Female sexual arousal or frustrations were sadly treated as a disease in the past 31. Today's society and movies are teaching people the wrong kind of sex, creating more means of frustrations. Society has taught us the pillars of life from eating to working; it rarely laid the proper fundamentals of love making. Now is the time to learn, the time to solve frustrations in any form they prevail. Women should start to take charge and enjoy their sex lives to the fullest. Learn to be the queen of pleasure, exercise your healthy paradise getaway, and partake the pleasures of Ultimate Sex.

Some women already experienced what makes them moan and orgasm with the power of will. Others are still awaiting discovery. All women will enhance their sexuality by reading the secrets found in this guide. Learn to open your internal pathways to achieve ultimate pleasures, experiencing both orgasms and ingasms.

I am not here to change your religion or spiritual belief. I assume you are open-minded enough for this guide. Listen to your body and inner voice throughout this learning adventure. These techniques will make you wiser, healthier, and attain higher spiritual consciousness.

Surpass mental and emotional self-blockages to psychologically allow yourself to reach divinity and ultimate pleasure. Learn exercises to solve physical issues and apply all techniques simultaneously during the magic of love making and energy cultivation.

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Sep 01 2012
0985559160 / 9780985559168
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
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