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The Calling

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About the author:
Originally an engineering graduate from the UK keen to become an astronaut, somehow John Peace ended up working in community development overseas for some years. Did he take a wrong turn? He says he has very few regrets. In between, he's worked in a soup factory, driven a taxi in London, served refreshments in Regents Park and a few other odd jobs. He recently settled with his Canadian wife and their two sons in Ontario, where they enjoy the great outdoors, Finnish pancakes and blueberries, preferably all three at once. He confesses to a lifelong fascination with science and science fiction, ever since watching Dr. Who and Blake's Seven on the BBC as a boy. He's even old enough to have fuzzy memories of watching the Apollo 11 landing on TV. Whew! That's hard to believe.

He believes good science fiction for children should have solid science behind it as much as possible, but in a way that doesn't suffocate the flow of the story. But more than that, the characters should pop off the page in full colour.

So where did The Calling come from? John says, "I started writing it for my two sons, and it just kind of grew. There are not that many science-fiction novels out there for eight year-olds and over, apart from that very well-known collection with the squeaky little robot and the big, hairy alien with the crossbow. So I thought it was time for something new. I hope you like it."

'The Calling' has its own website at:

Visit the site to learn more about Valin's world and for news about the next novel in the series. Why not drop in and leave a comment?

The Calling

Authored by John Peace

Is Valin Derojan's life going to count? Or is he just another young nomad? The man who saved his life has been kidnapped by callous raiders from space. To regain his lost honour, Valin must attempt a hopeless rescue.

His headstrong younger cousin is seeking to avenge the murder of her father, and follows him. So he must protect her too! But wait a moment, now who's saving whom?

In the course of the rescue, they are enlisted by an elusive band of freedom fighters and catapulted towards a galaxy-wide war. They are trained to use powerful mind-controlled rings. But that means Valin must get his raging thoughts and emotions under control. Is he up to this challenge?

An action-packed science-fiction adventure for mid-grade (8-12 year-old) readers.

From a review by E.L.: "I thought the book was really good, and it reminded me a lot of star wars. ... I thought the creatures that you invented were really cool. I also thought the names were good. How did you name them, and where did you get the idea's? I thought it was really interesting, and it made me want to keep reading until I was done (I actually read it when I was supposed to be watching [my brother's] soccer game. Don't tell him!!!)... I am 13, I don't know what your targeted audience is, but I thought it was not too confusing. I thought it could have been even more intertwined and more confusing, because I personally like books super confusing."

'The Calling' is the first in a series of science-fiction novels. With a degree in electronic engineering and a lifelong interest in spaceflight and science, the author bases his writing on solid science wherever possible, and cultivates a fertile, pest-free field of imagination.

'Beyond The Elder Stars' is a series of connected novels telling an epic story: the clash of Life and Death, Good and Evil. The ancient Elder Worlds have long forgotten the realms beyond Sinx's Veil, abandoning their billions of inhabitants to a terrible fate. An invisible, malevolent power is interfering with the struggling worlds and civilisations, playing one against the other, as if brooding over a giant game board and delighting in the destruction of both sides.

But a few heroes choose to fight on, rallying to the name of one named Elha, determined to defend the innocent and defeat the darkness....

This is their story.

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1479309257 / 9781479309252
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US Trade Paper
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