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In 2015 the Library of Congress honored FELICIA with selection for the National Motion Picture Archive.

The short educational documentary FELICIA was produced and directed by filmmakers Bob Dickson, Alan Gorg, and Trevor Greenwood, and distributed by Stuart Roe, in spring 1965, immediately before the Watts Riots that summer, presenting an autobiography by a teenage girl of mixed ancestry, a student at Jordan High School in the Watts African-American segregated ghetto in poverty-stricken South Los Angeles. Her teacher recommended Felicia's intelligence and sensitivity to express the hope and the stress in her family and community, made more conscious and frustrated with the rise of the civil rights movement. The film was cooperatively made, no dominating director.

American Film Festival
American Video Awards
Vancouver International Film Festival

In the decades following finishing of the film, Felicia completed college and returned to South Los Angeles to work helping relieve the suffering in her home town.

National Film Registry of the Library of Congress

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