The Alpha Torque

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About the author:
I graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in the People's Republic of China. I majored in Materials Science with a B.S. degree, and a M.S. degree in Computer Science. Physics and mathematics were my favorite classes back then. I came to the United States to pursue further study in Computer Science, and I got another Master Degree in Wayne State University in Detroit. I have worked as a computer engineer in the United States for about twenty years.
In college, I had doubts with quark theory, general relativity theory, especially with black hole related speculations. I could not accept these unexplainable theories and decided to find the answers. I studied Quark theories for most of my life and eventually concluded that the theory is completely wrong. Then, I created the Torque model to explain everything I wanted to explain. This book has most of the discoveries of the theory.
Henry Cao provided vital insights to every aspect of the theory such as the Fibonacci series and Gravity theory. These insights helped the research and led to the right path. He also did the final editing for this book.

The Alpha Torque

The Firmament of the Universe

Authored by Zhiliang Cao

Which theory provides the foundation of physics, the Theory of Relativity, the Big-Bang, or the Standard Model? None of these existing theories can truly serve as the foundation of physics. There are countless physics papers and books, but none of them can answer the fundamental questions, such as why positive and negative charges exist, why quantum numbers exist, and why electron has mass and never decays. These theories can answer the complex issues, but cannot answer the fundamental issues. In fact, the fundamental questions are not purposely ignored; they are simply too hard to answer. As the result, questionable theories are accepted as laws of physics. In order to correct the faulty theories and provide a real foundation, my theory answers the fundamental questions. It starts from the common root for everything, conceptual or physical.
The Torque theory unifies all physics theories. It is about space, time, and energy. Energy is about movements of space and cannot be separated from time, since movements are in time. Without energy, there will be no movements. Space-time will have nothing to measure. Therefore, space, time and energy are inseparable. The "physical" representation of space-time-energy is Torque movements. The characters of the Torque movements can be represented by Torque Grid. Torque Grid is the beginning and the end of the universe. The boundary of the universe is universe Torque Grid; the smallest time-space-energy unit is Torque Grid.
This book has many insights and discoveries. One does not need to be a physicist in order to study this book. Even though a physicist does have the advantage of knowing methodologies, formula, and concepts of physics, there are many new concepts in this book that can be unfamiliar to the best physicist. In that sense, people from other backgrounds can pick up the new concepts and move along. On the other hand, physicists needs to reconsider the old concepts and starts to accept the new ones. "The Alpha Torque" theory is proofed by numerous experiments. There is no reason not to accept Torque theory.
Confucius said, "If a man hears the Way in the morning, he may die in the evening without regret."

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