I-Ching for Success in the VUCA World

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About the author:
Mr. Lim Liat founded a consulting firm to help people and businesses to be more successful through synergizing the wisdoms of East and West. The key areas include unified corporate performance management framework, innovation and business model design, creative & visual thinking systems(BVITS), learning and innovative organization, leadership skills and future of management with Sinology - Chinese classical wisdom such as I-Ching, the philosophies of the Dao School(Lao Zi), Ru School (Confucius) and Sun Zi Arts of War.
Liat consults for start-ups, SME's, MNC's and GLC's. He has taught for and sat on the advisory boards of Institutes of Higher Learning, investment committees. He has more than 30 years of technology and management experience. He was a pioneer of listed technology company. He was founder and elder of church.
Liat was a Public Service Commission Merit and a Commonwealth Scholar. He obtained a Bachelor of Industrial and System engineering (1st Class Honor with Gold Medal) from University of Singapore in 1974 and a Master Industrial Engineering from University of Alberta, Canada, 1976. He is a joint author of 5 Patents in End User Query and Data Modeling.

I-Ching for Success in the VUCA World

Interpretation and Application that Unlock the Treasures of i-Ching

Authored by Mr Liat Lim

Learn and apply the wisdom from I-Ching, the Classic of Chinese Wisdom known as the "Bible for Change", to live successfully without worry and stress in this fast and ever changing world.

We frequently heard that "The only constant in life is change." Indeed it is. The only thing that does not change is death. However, the change in our time has taken on a new dimension due to the coming together of a diversities on a global scale enabled through technology. The change is best captured in the acronyms VUCAD, representing Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity and Deception. Change causes stress and if we are unable to handling it we will end up in disaster. Is there a way to handle such stressful changes?

The answer for handling change is found in the ancient Chinese Classic Book of I-Ching, the Bible of Change. It teaches us how to handle change such that we can pursue good fortunes and avoid the disasters. In modern language, it is about how to maximize rewards and minimize risks. I-Ching has been misunderstood, misused and distorted into a fortune telling book and the hidden wisdom have been lost. I-Ching is actually a book of wisdom. It is a thinking mindset with a data base of change-patterns for enabling people to live in harmony with heaven, earth and with one another.

This book is an attempt to open up the hidden treasures in I-Ching and show how I-Ching can be applied into our life or in our business so that we can avoid the dangers and hopefully achieve the success in an ever changing world. It differs from other I-Ching books in at least three ways. Firstly, it is not just a word for word translation but a capturing of the essence of the meaning. Secondly, it covers more on the application and use of I-Ching whereas most just focus on the content of the 64 hexagrams. Lastly, it attempts to be as short as possible and organized in a format that is easy for reference and use. The sequence of chapters group the 64 hexagrams into leadership, management, relationship and the stages of growth for a business. The Appendix organizes the hexagrams sequentially for quick look-up.

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1479327670 / 9781479327676
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