Lost Masterpiece: Karl Brown's Stark Love
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Lost Masterpiece: Karl Brown's Stark Love

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Lost Masterpiece: Karl Brown's Stark Love

In 1926 Paramount Pictures commissioned director Karl Brown to create one of the first ever docu-dramas about life in the Appalachian Mountains. Shooting in the inaccessible wilderness of the Carolinas, Brown enlisted local people as on camera talent rather than professional actors. Innovative, critically acclaimed by commercially doomed, the film was believed lost for over three decades until discovered accidentally in the Czech national film archive in 1968. Lost Masterpiece follows film historian Dr. John White as he tracks down the descendents of the actors and filmmakers who created this remarkable piece of cinematic and regional history. Presented by OurSouthernLiving.com (This documentary DVD does not include the 1926 Paramount movie, Stark Love.)

British silent film historian, Kevin Brownlow: "a fascinating and offbeat aspect of film history which would never have been made were it not for John White.".

Producer and film history writer, David Stenn: "a fascinating companion piece to this masterpiece."

Film Festivals:
2009 Southern Appalachian International Film Festival.

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Lost Masterpiece: Karl Brown's Stark Love
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