You Are Not My Big Brother

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About the author:
Renee Pittman is listed among other notables on the worldview site "Bigger Than Snowden." Her professional website and blog are a gold mine of information, with nearly 15 thousand views monthly focused on the covert use of psychophysical, psychological electronic frequency wave technology in full use today, as well as, the structure of an ongoing high-level nonconsensual human guinea pig program with combined technological harassment revealing corruption that makes other documented human experimentation historical programs look like child play. Her books, are not just detailed technical information but are an excellent resource for understanding the technology in use today, personal experiences, and the resulting beamed technological effects.

The Program is decades perfected and unleashed legally for testing, some would argue bogusly legalized, for continued research activity, post9/11, on men, women, and children, individuals, groups, communities and large populations approved for DOD, DOJ, DHS, NSA, CIA, DARPA,contractors, military and local law enforcement personnel, et. al.

It is absolutely no wonder there is an ongoing effort to discredit, silence, and subjugate Pittman. And, these are tactics confirmed by thousands of victims worldwide through the use of covertly beamed electromagnetic Directed Energy Weapon attacks designed to shut down, activist, victims and whistleblower by any means necessary!

You Are Not My Big Brother

Updated Edition

Authored by Renee Pittman

Reviewed as an excellent book for understanding the advanced technology applied to reportedly 300,000 victims of Human Experimentation within the USA alone and millions globally, Targeted for every reason under the Sun. 

In Book Two of the "Mind Control Technology" book series, the author details personal experiences surrounding abuse and victimization by military and law enforcement, et. al., using real-time surveillance, drones, and highly advanced, patented, influence technology on her covertly hoping to substantiate allegations.

When the manipulative effort failed, resulting in this explosive tell-all book, the physical and psychological effort escalated as attempts to prevent publication and the author's living Hell around the clock by non-ionizing radiation beamed both inside and outside her home and 24/7 tracking around the clock.

It appears that those involved in covert technology testing and spearheading "The Program" were attempting to make good on the promise, by repeated threats, that if she did not stop publication she would suffer the consequences. And, the consequences could be deployed with ease from one of the approximate 120 state-of-the-art fusion / intelligence centers across our country today, unseen or detectable to the human eye, or as close as official set-ups at neighboring locations.

Little known today, various advanced, highly perfected technologies are being used globally such as patented Synthetic Telepathy also known as the "Hearing Voices" effect, mind reading, consciousness altering, dream manipulation, etc., along with the capability of subliminal message carrying through communication towers, portable systems and devices, and satellites and drones.

The technological arsenal of today consists of technology which can manipulate thoughts, create visual holograms, or even stimulate a person sexually, electromagnetically, a new form of covert, legalized, terrorism, miles away through a supercomputer terminal.

Approximately 500,000 U.S. citizens are today reporting covert victimization in a government nonconsensual psychophysical technology testing program and even more globally.

It appears that Big Brother's 1984 technocratic agenda has come of age by handheld, portable, land, sea and space-based technologies and the weapon system first publicized during the Reagan era of the 80's as the Strategic Defense Initiative then fondly called "Star Wars" as an exampled platform using a wide array of advanced weapon concepts, including lasers, particle beams.

Pittman's truthful revelations and honesty placed her in a unique position, of which so many fear, because of ongoing unawareness of covert set-ups prior to the targeting. By revealing tactics that start human experimentation, then pointing the finger you can become expendable.

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