PANDORAN AGE CHRONICLES: The Princess of Caldris

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From South Buffalo New York and the Chautauqua wine region west of the city splitting his youth between the country and the city. Undergraduate work at SUNY Buffalo, across from the venerable Albright Knox, Bachelor of Science in Design 1985, with a Concentration in Urban & Environmental Design. Included were seminars in Urban Planning and Design, and studios Interior Design, and a minor in Art History. At FIU in Miami graduate level Coursework in Fine Art & Art Education, included figure drawing studies under the noted Richard Duncan. Additional Graduate Work in Architecture, Florida Atlantic University School of Architecture. NYSE Series 7 broker License, A.G. Edwards & Associates. U.S. Army reserves Corporal, anti-tank gunner. Worked in Education, Architecture, Fine Art, and Commercial Finance. Currently heading up a Film and merchandising Franchise launch based on the Pandoran Age Universe .

PANDORAN AGE CHRONICLES: The Princess of Caldris

Part one

Authored by Dante D'Anthony
Illustrated by Neil Thacker, Gabriel Montagudo, Roy Rudder, Steve Allman

Winteroud Sole is twelve years old when the Royal Detectives bring him on a case as a psychic. It is not long before the small group of investigators draws fire. The Transhuman Imperials, numerous galactic corporations, and underworld space syndicates all are suspect in an adventure that spans the civilized portion of the galaxy...

I felt Hammerstein and his men before the bells announced the arrival of the aircars this time. They came in the morning as the moons set and the sun, blue and gleaming, lifted itself with its intense glory among the cumulonimbus clouds, like marshmallow mountains in the sky. Six Royal aircars came, like they owned the clouds, which in a sense they did.
Father stood defiant at the agents strolled coolly to the gate at the landing pads. "I've considered your offer for my son to work with you on the case, Officer Hammerstein. I think it's best he not."
I could feel Hammerstein's regret like a... "heavy-metal core drill"...he thought, disappointed that he would have to resort to intimidation.
"Your family charter, granted by Queen Altair. How many generations now?" Hammerstein said darkly. "A shame if it were withdrawn, having been such a long and fruitful benefit to you, and to yours."
Now father's eyes darkened. "You resort to extortion? There are other Empaths! Why does it need to be the boy?"

"We've tried others. Older Empaths are too sensitive. One died, another is in intensive care. It is the boys very limitations that will make him at once useful to the case, yet not in danger of damage. Any older and he too would be of no utility. This case moves into the direct security of our entire stellar system-this world, and all the others under the dominion of the Royal family."
I could feel father was ready to hand the charter back rather than place me at risk. I could also feel a deep sense of loyalty to the Royals. For many generations they had stood excellent in good government of the worlds under their care. "What is this case that you ask my child to involve himself with? That ruins the minds of older Empaths?"
I answered for Hammerstein, "This princess has been taken." All the people at the gate exuded shock. My family for the revelation, the detectives that I knew.
Vindication ran deep in Hammerstein now, "The boy is right, and now you see indeed his gift is true. I am the only one in my group that was aware of the princess's abduction."
He glared at me, solemn-yet sympathetic. "Say no more about it, young man, of what you sense lest we are alone." Then, sharply, at his men: "A word from any of you and your rank is gone and you'll find yourselves transferred to the loneliest moon in the belt."
There came a clicking of heels. One of his younger officers, a woman of great beauty and self discipline, ached with the shock, and struggled with all her being to maintain her composure. Quite grand, such discipline and depth of feeling. I will never forget her overwhelming pain at the loss of the princess, and her stolid chin as she held back her tears, I think, as long as I live.
I determined then I should find the princess, with Hammerstein, and root out the devils who did this. "Duty, father." I stood, small but somehow towering now in the minds of the detectives, "Duty and honor. For the Royal family, for our own."
"Duty and honor," he whispered. "But the boy takes his personal android, and a disser.
He tossed me his disser and I caught it easily, knowing afore he announced it, and felt the generations of my forefathers (and a particularly self possessed Grand Matron) land in my hands with it.
A half smile curled up the side of Hammerstein's face, "But of course."
And I gathered with the Royal Security detectives and we took to the clouds in their aircars.

Cover Art Eliane CK, Brazil

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Feb 12 2013
1480062375 / 9781480062375
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US Trade Paper
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5.06" x 7.81"
Black and White
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