Jewish Secrets hidden in the New Testament

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About the author:
Avraham Feld graduated from Yeshiva University with studies in Jewish philosophy and psychology, earning his Rabbinic degree in 1983. Since the young age of 11, Feld has had a consuming passion for the Biblical prophetical promise of the Restoration of the House of Israel. From his studies of Torah, Tanach and the Jewish Sages, he gained the understanding that many Gentiles were of Israelite descent and therefore part of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. His experience and studies brought him to the recognition that these "Lost Tribes" would one day be returned to the Land of Israel. His working knowledge of the New Testament stems from his teenage association with a Christian neighbor. He immediately recognized the underlying Jewish tone of the NT.

At university, he acquired a reputation for getting youth out of deep troubles, especially in cases where others failed to do so. On one such assignment for a Chabad member to handle an especially difficult and dangerous case, he achieved success and was favored with a blessing from the Lubavitch Rebbe (Schneeson) (of blessed memory). Upon Feld's request for a further Blessing to enable him to be of assistance in furthering the Divine Cause of the ingathering of the Lost Ten Tribes, the Rebbe agreed on the concept and blessed Avraham that he should merit to have a good influence by his endeavours.

Co-author OvadYah Avrahami (age 80) is a long standing independent Bible researcher. He works tirelessly as an activist promoting Israel and settlement of the Land of Israel. He is co-founder (together with Rabbi Feld) of the KOL HATOR VISION for the Restoration of the 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel and is the Webmaster of Kol Ha Tor. His publications have been circulated internationally since the early sixties and have affected the thinking and Scriptural interpretation of non-Jewish Bible scholars on all levels - from novice right through to academically qualified teachers and commentators worldwide. OvadYah has been a pioneer since the 60's to enlighten non-Jewish Bible students about the Hebrew Roots of Christianity, long before it became the popular movement that it is today. He is a Returnee Ten Triber to the Faith and to the Land himself since the 80's.

Jewish Secrets hidden in the New Testament

The Global Torah Revolution

Authored by Rabbi Avraham Feld
Other primary creator OvadYah Avrahami

The well hidden Jewish Secrets in the New Testament are the driving force behind one of the most sensational News events of our Time - an event which is dynamically driving a fast growing Global Torah Revolution amongst non-Jewish Bible believers.

After lying dormant for nearly 2000 years in the pages of the New Testament, Avraham Feld, an orthodox Rabbi, now reveals astonishing proof from the pages of the New Testament itself that, contrary to commonly accepted Christian interpretation, these writings are largely founded on traditional Jewish Biblical principles. Acceptance of these original Jewish realities by growing masses of New Testament readers is currently sweeping the world.

This book presents Indisputable proof of how this current phenomenon which is evolving from these Jewish religious foundations, astoundingly confirms the unfolding of ancient Bible Prophecies. According to Bible Prophets of old and Jewish Sages throughout the ages, these Prophecies were destined to be revealed in the 'End Time'. Jewish, Christian and even non-religious commentators of the day all agree that we have now reached this prophesied Era.

This timely publication recounts the Prophetic Directives and the obstacles in the way of the ultimate fulfillment of the Divine Intention for the establishment of a re-united 12-Tribed Kingdom of Greater Israel.

This review will guide you to understand the unfolding of the Climax of the Ages - the establishment of the Kingdom of God, dreadedly to evolve through a nuclear War which is now threatening Israel.

The Cover of this book reveals the paradoxical Biblical prediction of a Promised Land far exceeding the current borders of Israel.

Enlightened by the revealing information from the pages of this unique overview, you will better understand daily news events which are in waiting for mankind. Enlightened by the realization of the miraculous fulfillment of the Divine Plan for humanity right before our eyes, you will be empowered to ensure your becoming part of this new Universal Dominion, whether you are Christian, Jewish or secular.

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