What To Look For In Wine
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What To Look For In Wine

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What To Look For In Wine

Learn to taste and talk wine like a SOMM! In the video presentation of "What To Look For In Wine," professional Chef and Sommelier Richard "Rick" Boufford shows you the hows and whys of wine tasting in his straight forward no-nonsense style. Those who saw the movie, "SOMM" witnessed four individuals go through a rigorous tasting ceremony detailing every aspect of the wine. In his former wine school, Boufford demonstrated to thousands of live students that they could do it too! Now, the DVD brings Rick's favorite class into your own home. After following the simple steps outlined in "What To Look For In Wine's" easy to follow guide, Boufford guarantees anyone who can smell and taste will not only be able to talk and share their appreciation for wine like a professional SOMM, but it will help them to appreciate even more of all the world around them! Includes a informal "live" tasting detailing how to take notes so you can keep track of your favorite treasures.

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