The Dress Rehearsal & Other Collages

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The Dress Rehearsal & Other Collages

Authored by Guido Vermeulen

Guido Vermeulen is an artist born and living in Brussels, Belgium (6 March 1954). He started writing poetry at age 14 and expanded his artistic activities in the late eighties with collages, paintings, etchings, ceramics, publications and editions. He joined the mail art network near the end of 1993 and still continues to spread his art through this network. He is also editor and publisher of poetry books, mail art magazines and collage books. His company is called FRIOUR EDITIONS. He also illustrates books from close artist friends and publishes his art in various magazines all around the world.

His first collage assembly was called TRAVELS WITH COLLAGES.
In an intro he writes:
"Collages and poetry are similar in the sense that both use common techniques: association of images, hidden meanings, layers of meanings, trying to see or read things in a different context, making cross-overs, linking images and situations together, playing with color and rhythm on the frame of a page, destroying that frame and jumping to other dimensions."
The American poet DAVID STONE comments on this first compilation:
"This collage collection is impressive. I have never seen anything like it before! It's a huge panorama of your visual critique on history. I love in particular the Wagner soirée."
Guido made a bunch of collages for the poetry edition NIGHT TOWN by David Stone and is also preparing interpretations through collages of David's next poetry book.

In this second book he unites collages around themes as religion-industrialization-and justice.
The Belgian poet LIZA LEYLA comments on this second compilation:
"The shipwreck is the journey of a pilgrim in Nietzsche's spirit. Without speech we are able to view the horror of neo feudalism. These are fantastic tales, almost hyperrealistic and they hit us like arrows in a rose. This is visual poetry with a strong philosophic foundation."
Guido has illustrated several of Liza's poetry books: SORA, EROS' WAY, SOLAR DAWN, A LACE OF MIRAGES.

THE DRESS REHEARSAL AND OTHER COLLAGES is his third collage collection:
Most collages are from 2012 and have never been published before. Only a few of them are early works. The theme this time is the fusion between mankind and animal life.
It's a BACK TO BASICS approach. In ancient cultures and mythologies there was no real contradiction between men and animals. Often animals were observed to understand men better, a kind of early psycho-analysis of people through animal behaviour (see for instance the tradition of the totem culture within native american tribes). Men were part of nature and knew this very well.
Later nature and animals became almost enemies, had to be controlled and were reduced to how they could be exploited in a massive way. The spiritual bond between men and animal and nature was murdered through the new money making machinery. Instinctively men knew this was wrong but what to do? The fear that nature and animals would once reclaim their rights has been translated in many fantastic literary tales, also in the collages of Guido Vermeulen. How else can we understand collages like THE SEA RECLAIMS HER RIGHTS or TIME IS ASLEEP IN THE CITY OF PEARL, a visual interpretation of the novel by Alfred KUBIN (The other side): in a city people suffer from a strange sleep disease and nothing works anymore, so in this city of decay animals take over!
Sometimes animals are the innocent witnesses of the horror created by men, sometimes they fight back, sometimes they translate the horror of history and time, sometimes there is the dream of a tender fusion between both of them like in THE SHAPE SHIFTERS, sometimes there is compassion, only compassion like in LOOKING FOR A HOME, what is here the difference between a stray cat and a homeless person?
It is in Guido's universe as different as a collage to a poem.

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