Issues in Your Tissues

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About the author:
Denise LaBarre was born in 1964 in Ohio and grew up in Northern California. At age 7, she began doing regular massage on her overworked, stressed-out mother when she intuitively heard her mother's body calling for help. At age eleven she began reading her mother's graduate school psychology textbooks and then mowed through the public library's psychology holdings. She could also "hear" what other bodies were trying to communicate through tension, pain and other symptoms and steadily built up her knowledge and experience.

By the time she left for college, she was thoroughly steeped in and using the concepts of modern psychology, connecting the physical dots, and constantly gathering more information about the body, the mind and emotion. In college she studied international relations and linguistics. After graduation she managed an international translation and interpretation agency in San Francisco. She then decided to travel internationally and went to massage school to formalize her skills before setting out. She learned Spanish in Mexico, taught English in Spain, and continued to travel. She realized as she worked with more people that she was also re-learning the universal language of the body and translating it for minds that had gotten socialized out of the habit of listening. She was becoming a "body-mind translator."

Mid-way through her 20s, LaBarre moved Maui, got married, and eventually had two children. On Maui she was exposed to a variety of healers, healing modalities and the healing potential when touch, words and healing intention are combined. She practiced massage at a popular resort for fourteen years and built up a repetoire of healing stories that she used with to people - regardless of age, education or fitness - to help them make the connections between their physical symptoms and the energetic/emotional cause. The amazing results that come out of private sessions leave her in awe of the healing power we all have within us.

Passionate about the work she does, LaBarre loves being the catalyst that reconnects people with the energetic aliveness they were born to enjoy. She does this through her writing, hands-on work, teaching, and lecturing.

Issues in Your Tissues

Heal Body and Emotion from the Inside Out

Authored by Denise LaBarre L.M.T.

Issues in Your Tissues is a practical, easy-to read guide to exploring the emotional holding that creates physical stress, pain and dis-ease. Full of stories, cartoons, exercises and clear descriptions, this book gives you the insight and tools you need to go into your body and get the healing answers you've been looking for.

"Our bodies continue to experience physical symptoms as long as we carry the emotional "charge" or vibration associated with them. Your bones may have knitted back together and you may have regained physical function, but if you have not also released the sadness or anger or fear in those tissues, your body will continue to let you know there are still issues to work on. The trick is recognizing your symptoms as an indication that there may be something non-physical to heal and then letting your body guide you to a solution."

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0982477201 / 9780982477205
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
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