Africa's Secret Seven[NON-US FORMAT, PAL]
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Africa's Secret Seven[NON-US FORMAT, PAL]

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Africa's Secret Seven[NON-US FORMAT, PAL]

For the first time ever, we take an exclusive peek into the mysterious lives of the most secretive animals of the African Bushveld. We will expose the behaviors of these animals seldom, if ever, seen before as we delve into the shadowy existence of animals rarely seen, let alone captured on television. We will investigate seven enigmatic creatures - the serval, aardvark, pangolin, genet, African wildcat, civet and porcupine - as they furtively go about their top-secret activities. Each story will introduce us to one of these animals, and give us a privileged glimpse into their extremely private lives and their particular adaptations for life in the dangerous wilderness, where they battle against tremendous odds. We witness how each one cunningly outwits the super-predators in its own special way, with extra-sharp senses and other strategies for survival.

Televised Broadcasts:
National Geographic
NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk)

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