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The Power and Simplicity of Self-Healing

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About the author:
liberty forrest is a quirky, hyperactive author who shares her unusual perspectives on surviving Life with anyone who will listen, and who spells her name in lower case for a reason.

She has written several books and also has created various guided meditation and hypnosis CDs, covering a variety of healing and inspirational topics.

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The Power and Simplicity of Self-Healing

With scientific proof that you can create your own miracle

Authored by Ms liberty forrest

We've all heard those occasional stories of people who have recovered from untreatable or incurable conditions. There are those who were told they would never walk again - but through sheer determination, they did it. There are those who were riddled with malignant tumours and given a death sentence, but repeatedly visualised perfect healing and they became well.
There are numerous documented reports like these and usually, we think they are flukes, coincidence, or perhaps "miracles". They are so rare and so powerful, the notion that this could be commonplace does not occur to us.
But it should.
The "default setting" for any living organism is to survive, yet survival is only possible if the organism is inherently able to heal. We think nothing of our ability to recover from illnesses, injuries, broken bones. But why stop there? Why is it impossible to believe that we can heal ourselves of anything more serious than a broken arm or a really bad flu?
It is only because we have not known we could do it. For thousands of years, we have turned to medicine men, healers of all kinds throughout the ages, unaware that each of us possesses the power to create - and to heal - our illnesses.
The Power and Simplicity of Self-Healing is a fascinating and empowering page-turner, chock full of astonishing information that revolutionises the way we look at illness and healing. In this life-changing book, liberty forrest encompasses a wide range of seemingly disconnected and unrelated subjects, yet each one is a separate piece of an incredible and complex puzzle.
In her warm and easy style, she explains each of those puzzle pieces one by one, ultimately revealing a startlingly simple picture that provides indisputable scientific proof that we can heal ourselves of virtually any illness.
Growing up in an abusive and alcoholic environment, liberty began having terrifying panic attacks as a young child. By the time she reached adulthood, there were also issues with addiction, OCD and anorexia.
At the age of 20, liberty's physical health was beginning to decline, a situation that continued to worsen into her 30s, as one ailment after another was added to the growing list. Among the worst was a significant and debilitating heart problem, which slammed into liberty's life like a runaway freight train.
Over the years, there were times her suffering was so great, she became suicidal, always managing to pull herself back from the abyss and carry on. Her desperate and futile search for wellness took her down many paths from the conventional to the near-insane. When it seemed all avenues had been exhausted, in an explosive moment of anger and frustration liberty vowed to find a way to heal herself, believing that if other people have done it, then she could do it, too.
With occasional relevant interjections about her own story of suffering and healing, liberty covers a multitude of topics in a step-by-step systematic fashion, layering one piece of information on another and building a strong foundation so that all of the pieces are well-connected and logical.
Drawing on a wealth of information from numerous medical professionals, researchers, and scientists along with the metaphysical, mysterious and inexplicable, liberty drops one fascinating piece of the puzzle after another into its rightful place, creating multi-faceted and undeniable proof that self-healing is not only possible and powerful, but very simple for anyone to do. If she could do it, you could, too.

To see more of liberty's books, click the link on the side.

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1481197045 / 9781481197045
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
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