Lost City of the Dwarves

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About the author:
When his first manuscript was rejected on the claim that it was too long and detailed for the target audience, Chris responded by becoming an independent Canadian publisher under Pen & Forge Productions. With a graphic arts background in publication layout, Chris produces his own novels, from inception to interior and cover design to press-ready production, with the goal of making 'more than just good books'. In a world where it seems just about anyone can put out a book, Chris uses his fluid writing style to produce quality publications that are detailed yet easy to read, with a knack for pulling readers into the story and through the entire novel.
Lost City of the Dwarves I and II was written to help introduce young readers to the world of role-playing games while also expanding their vocabulary with word puzzles. His wife's memoir, A Book of Storms, is a joint effort that relays her turbulent life in an entertaining way that also helps readers through their own hardships. Chris' latest endeavour is the Second Prophecy trilogy of which he is starting the third installment. Second Prophecy is a modern fantasy apocalyptic adventure stemming from 15 years of biblical research, giving a more authentic, scriptural flavour to his writing than other books of the same genre. Aside from being entertained by the series, his aim is to give readers a lot to think about, with many facets of the story having a direct parallel to today's issues.
Visit penandforge.ca for detailed overviews of Chris' books plus plenty of free downloads to let you get a feel for his work.

Lost City of the Dwarves

Part 1: Discovery

Authored by Christopher J.A. Young
Illustrated by Travis Hanson
Edition: 1

Discover a long-lost city - check.
Defeat rat-man leader - check.
Wipe out mutated army - check.
Destroy a nightmare legend - check.

This, and more, is on your to-do list when you pick up Lost City of the Dwarves Part 1: Discovery, a new gaming book that allows you to choose the path of your adventure. The first book in the Path of Legends series allows readers to create their own character, outfit them with equipment and magical items that they find in the adventure, and battle with the enemies in the book through a trimmed-down and refined d20 combat system.

Similar to the solo, choose your own adventure books from the '80s, this new series is like adventuring through a novel with great artwork, likable allies, loads of enemies, plus puzzles, traps and quests, where you don't simply make choices but take risks and earn treasure for later battles. Instead of reading about a hero, the reader is the hero.

There are even word puzzles in the back of the book, crosswords, word scrambles and word searches, to reinforce new vocabulary that readers will encounter in the story that is both enjoyable and suitable for all ages to read, from the juvenile to the adult reading level. Plus, solving the word puzzles leaves you with scrambled clues that lead you to bonus items which help your character through the adventure.

One special feature of this new series is that you keep your character all the way through. It will be written with the intent purpose of continually using the character that you build and grow throughout each book right from the start, keeping any items that you've found along the way. How you use items like potions will always be up to you, and there are a few items that only the most avid adventurer will find while wandering this lost city.

Another bonus feature of this book is the original game that comes with it. The rules for Dwarven Battle Dice are included in the Codex at the end of the story, and readers will be able to craft their own dice with artwork that can be downloaded from Young's website at penandforge.ca. So even after the story is done, readers can engage in some rousing rounds of Dwarven Battle Dice with other fellow adventurers who have also braved the depths of the Lost City of the Dwarves.

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0988097907 / 9780988097902
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
Black and White with Bleed
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