The Active Brain - Book 2, Volume 1

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About the author:
Nelunika Gunawardena Rajapakse is a proud citizen of her world, long in residence over four decades in the United States. She is the only daughter, besides two precious sons, of late Dionicious and Mildred Gunawardena who arrived in the USA, by invitation. The latter was trained directly under Dr. Maria Montessori in 1943, and it was her pride and joy to share the original vision of Dr. Montessori amidst a growing interest, then, in the United States, to understand and to propagate the Montessori perspective in its authentic sense.

Nelunika, needless to say, has been a product of this unmatched original vision from the very inception of her life, to this day. Mentored all along by her resolutely dedicated Montessori pedagogue mother, and having worked in partnership with her for three decades, Nelunika is a proud beneficiary of her own experientially rich, intellectual legacy.

She boasts a rich history of authentic Montessori in practice for over four decades, having been the head directress, administrator, and chief operating officer of Bainbridge~Solon Montessori School (1970-2012).

The author lives her renewed and pioneering vision presently along her steadfast mission to 'Raise the Position of Today's Child and the World' while sharing her 'Vision for Intellectual Wellness for all Ages'. She disseminates her wisdom and expertise through the creation of invaluable time-stamps of her life-experience.

Additionally, Mrs. Nelunika Rajapakse is a devoted professional trainer, and a mentor for parents, engaged in sharing her expertise by way of lectures, seminars, consultations, and continuous guidance to organizations, schools, individuals, and diverse social groups.

The Active Brain - Book 2, Volume 1

A Vision for Intellectual Wellness

Authored by Nelunika Gunawardena Rajapakse
Edition: Original

The Active Brain (Book 2) is a systematically sequenced mathematical exposition in two volumes from 'The Precious Jewels of Mrs. "G"' collection of offerings that have been thoughtfully created for the benefit of people of all ages, beginning with the universal child-not forgetting their mentoring counterparts dedicated to intellectual wellness and education.

It is a graphic presentation of mathematical wisdom, color-defined to bring forth precise concepts, their patterns, and relationships.

This edition, in particular, focuses upon a new dimension to envisioning the number concepts 1-9, on base 10, while projecting the two basic mathematical operations of merging (in volume 1) and splitting numbers (in volume 2)-in equal quantities and in unequal quantities.

The Active Brain is a series of volumes that seeks to systematically present precise concepts, and their ever-evolving patterns and relationships in order to keep the brain-mind stimulated along its encounters of exploration, discovery, and interactivity with the universe.

The world of relationships and relativity begins to evolve from the very inception of life. Our early childhood sensory experiences associated with practical life-impressions, no doubt, initiate in setting a concrete foundation towards the cultivated recognition of all things and events-as phenomena, in existence. Underlying these, indeed, are the secrets to discovery-by way of concepts, patterns, and relationships-that signify our world of interdependence.

Hence, it is important that we continually strive to remain centered-through each phase in our lives-so that we may sustain an acute vision and understanding of our dynamic world of phenomena. However, shared knowledge in partnership with selflessly mentoring counterparts and their unrelenting guidance is pivotal to the process of learning.

How best may we relate to change while we persist with the effort to consciously and conscientiously interact with our dynamic world?

The brain-mind awaits stimulation incessantly. It must remain sparked to direct and execute its various vital functions with respect to the body, and its environment.

Accordingly, The Active Brain is a series of enlightening and stimulating presentations focused upon the cultivation, advancement, and preservation of the intellect while aiding the cause of 'engaged partnerships in learning'.

Therefore, it must be emphasized that this book is intended primarily to involve prehensile movement-as hand-eye coordinated, intellectually stimulating activity so that we may expediently reach out to all ages.

Considered overall, engagement in collaboration, as a modeled life-experience-quite contrary to being a lesson of teaching-is the flame that kindles and sustains the light of knowledge to enliven the intellect, eventually to keep our hard-wired mind, the human brain, actively sharp.

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