Understanding Male Sexuality

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The subject matter of sexuality has been a topic that has fascinated me since I was only a lad encountering my first encyclopedia with an article on the subject. My academic career that became the way I made a living took a completely different path, meaning that I never before had the time to write a book on the subject. But I continued to read about the subject and think about how the various concepts from the readings could fit together. The more I dug into the various subject matters, the more fascinated I had become with the complexity of the related topics.

Part of what most interests me about male sexuality is the curious dual feelings that men face-frequently sheer terror mixed with total elation and joy, and that a man never quite is certain which of the two he will be facing next. Furthermore, writers on sexuality come from widely-varying backgrounds encompassing not only physiology, psychology and medicine, but also subject matters such as sociology and even cultural anthropology.

David Sebringsil is a pen name, my sexuality-author nom de plume. There are three reasons for this. First, I have had an ongoing serious uni-versity career in an academic area unrelated to human sexuality, with many academic writings and a reputation there. Readers of my other books would be shocked to see this title pop up as well in a Web search on my real name. Second, over the last two decades, I have accumulated both Internet writings and something of a reputation relating to sexuality under my pen name. These Internet writings have long been quite popular, based on web site hits. Finally, I wanted to be able to write this book in part by both honestly and boldly relating the experiences that I have had during my life, and some of what I have written here may come as a bit of a surprise and even shock to those who know me.

So, I am definitely not a medical doctor, nor am I a psychologist, sex therapist, marriage counselor or any of those careers. I do admit to having had some formal study in biology in my background, but that is about it. Beyond that, I am just a guy who very much enjoys being a guy, with all that it entails. This book will take you on my ride. I think it is an interesting ride. I believe that I will treat you to some things you never thought about nor fully appreciated, It is important to Just kick back, and enjoy the ride.

Understanding Male Sexuality

Authored by David Sebringsil

This book provides the detailed information that parents were often uncomfortable explaining to their male children, or perhaps didn't know themselves, that school classes providing sex education somehow failed to mention, and even information that high-school buddies did not seem to know. There will also be ideas that even wives and other long-term partners never encountered before.

Every man knows he has the same sexual body parts the other guys have. However, every guy at some level is also convinced that his own situation and what he faces sexually is unique, and that he is therefore somehow different from every other guy. Sex in all its forms always seems to get guys stuck somewhere between the emotions of total terror and unbelievable joy.

Each of us possesses a set of unique sexual turn-ons that work for one person but perhaps not for others. For men, turn-ons tend to be heavily focused on the visual, and it usually does not take much for the male-arousal system to spring into action. All many men need to do is see a pretty woman and their sexual-arousal systems are off to-the-races.

The system in place that sustains the human species is a most remarkable piece of biological engineering. It has to function well at all sorts of levels beginning with the process of why human beings should be programmed to seek-out and have sex with mates, with the goal of keeping the human species successful over long periods of time.

Many men struggle throughout their lives, perhaps through several marriages or other long-term relationships, without ever mastering the finer skills in the art-and-science of lovemaking. Most of these men would have far fewer continuing-relationship issues if they were at all willing to objectively examine their own lovemaking skills. Sexual technique is an important part of this, but it is only a component of the broader set of issues that make relationships work.

My advice to a man entering any relationship with a potential sexual partner is to have fun, but proceed slowly, carefully, and deliberately, and do not be afraid to reveal a good deal more about your sexual inner-self than you thought you would. For a man, this is usually about slowing everything down. Slowing down has benefits for both partners in terms of ultimately building a more powerful sexual experience.

Learning to appreciate, indeed, learning to enjoy sexuality is the key for dealing with fear, angst and self-doubt. That is the reason I wrote this book. I will take you, the reader, to places you have never been before. So, sit back and enjoy the ride.

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