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About the author:
Warren Edwin Davidson celebrated his 78th birthday in January, 2017. He uses no prescription drugs, but implements lifestyle changes described in this book to reduce health care costs saving him and his family thousands of dollars. You will want to share this book with those you love and care about, especially in this day and age when health care is such a huge part of our lives. You will love this simple alternative to the current health care system.

Drug Free Natural Health Care

Authored by Warren Edwin Davidson


A man grew up on a dairy farm. He ate a normal diet with heavy emphasis on meat, potatoes, cows milk and sweets. By the time he was about sixty years of age, he was having trouble seeing and walking. Soon he was very sick and his body began to shut down. He was dying. Doctors were not able to help him. He learned of alternative health and changed his diet. Now he is well again!

There is a message in that story for you.

This book can and should change the world in a marvelous, positive way! There are three negative statistics that a lot of folks do not recognize and that should be communicated to the world, along with the means to escape them and achieve true freedom in the area of health care.

Statistic Number One:
The United States is in 42nd place for longevity rate when compared to other countries according to the 2017 CIA World Factbook. This same publication listed the US in 51st place for the years 2012 and 2013. Then, suddenly, in 2014, someone apparently felt the need to be more "politically correct" and bumped us to 42nd place. However, according to geoba.se, in 2016 the United States is in 53rd place for longevity rate.

So, the United States of America, the most advanced nation in the world, is in a terrible place either way. We are not living as long as people in other countries. We are sicker than they are, and we are paying more for flawed health care. (Note: There are a lot of positive things going on in health care today, but that cannot offset the fact that we are in terrible straits when it comes to longevity in this country!)

Statistic Number Two:
The medical industry, or doctors and prescription medicines are the third cause of death in the United States according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. Our health care system is NOT the best in the world. HITConsultant.net rated the United States last among advanced nations in the World's Best Health Care System Report.

Statistic Number Three:
One more sobering fact is that our normal American diet is causing chronic disease and other sicknesses to an extent not recognized by our citizens generally.

So there you have it! We die younger, sicker and we are poorer (than we would be) because we are Americans. That is not the way it should be!

It seems most Americans are unaware that there is another, better way to proceed.


Please know that there is a way out of this negative health care mess. It is drug free natural health care. The knowledge discussed in this book is helping thousands of enlightened individuals to avoid disease and to opt out of traditional health care, or what some are calling, the Drugging of America.

Properly enlightened individuals can achieve the knowledge which will give them the opportunity to save 70 to 75% on health care costs over their lifetime by gaining and utilizing the information found in this book and elsewhere. The video, Forks Over Knives, gives these figures as the amount one can save by developing the right lifestyle and learning to eat correctly.

Hopefully some forward thinking news organization will communicate this information to a needy world.

There is a massive vacuum out there of people who desperately need this information and they don't know where to go to get it. Most of them are not even aware that it exists!

But those who read and use the information found here will have tools and a mindset to change their lives and escape from the railroad to early death, increased illness along with medical drugging, and poverty as they age.

To end on a positive note, what a joy it is to be in charge of one's own life! Freedom is where happiness is found. Those people who control their own health because of superior knowledge are really and truly among the happiest people in the world. And, they are among the most free.

Buy the book! Read it! change your life.

Warren Edwin Davidson
Davidson LLC

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