The Changing of Allison Dutch

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About the author:
I am the dragon that breathes in the night. My two heads are always in accord. Step to me with a sword that's less than Truth and a simple flick of my tail shall send you flying back into your nothingness. I am everything the current world fears, because knowledge has become damned. I am beyond sex, race, and any other box you'd like to try to trap me in. My wings spread far, and I can fly as high as I need to. My fire scares away those with weak constitutions; but those who know better are warmed by it.

In English: I'm an author. I've got two books published and hopefully a movie in the works. My books read like dreams, and are more multi-faceted than most. I like to write about the issues, ideas, and people that challenge us. My characters have hard, and sometimes fantastical lives, but the underlying theme is growth. There's something unexpected on each page, and usually no way to guess the ending. As far as an actual genre goes, they are primarily sci-fi/fantasy/horror/erotica/philosophical. Yeah, kind of hard to place. Anyway, so my stories are most likely some of the craziest mind-bending trips you'll read. Not that I'm bragging. Read them yourself.

In other news, I'm a 20-something genderqueer, mostly black, intelligent, creative, and crazy individual. I've studied everything from the Dao De Ching to Objectivism, and a sense of humor is the most valuable thing in the universe to me. Speaking of which, I study that, too. I like seeing how big I can grow my mind. I have a blog and will update about my unusual life, my philosophy, and my projects. You can check it out at I hope you enjoy it and that we all can learn something along the way! Whoo!

P.S. You might like my stories if you like Misfits, Glee, and/or anime.

The Changing of Allison Dutch

Authored by Michon Neal
Edition: 2

Our young anti-heroine is swept up into a strange world, meeting the oddest creatures, the craziest people, and her own past in an almost Alice in Wonderland fashion. Allison Dutch is seduced by Jeffery Beale and Mark Ashton, who seek to manipulate her into awakening Queen Aeryn, the most dangerous vampire that ever lived. She struggles to maintain normality, while learning about the twists in the world she'd tried not to see. This is the first in a trilogy of Allison Dutch's life on earth. Follow along as she comes to terms with vampirism, sexuality, and the outer limits of reality. This book incorporates the realism of human growth and human potential while set in a highly unusual background of sci-fi, fantasy, and sheer horror. What does it take for a person to want to conquer the world? Find out in this coming-of-age story about a girl caught in the intersections of time, reality, sanity, normality.

*Note: The material in this series may not be suitable for children or even some adults. This series deals with apocalyptic imagery, existential terror, and contains sexual content. Please use discretion while reading.

Publication Date:
148180166X / 9781481801669
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
Black and White
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Fiction / Romance / Paranormal

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