THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions For A New Paradigm

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About the author:
Andrew Cameron Bailey and Connie Baxter Marlow are original thinkers, writers, photographers, film-makers, workshop leaders and inspirational public speakers. They met during a gathering of indigenous elders and shamans at the Omega Institute in upstate New York in October 2003. It was immediately obvious that they had destiny together, and they got right to work. This life-transforming book, and the workshop that has developed from it, follow on the heels of their ground-breaking film "IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE: What Do The Wise Ones Know?"

Connie is a Mayflower descendent and is one of the Baxters of Maine. She grew up in a family of visionary philanthropists and politicians, graduated from UC Berkeley with an honors degree in economics in 1968, and went on to raise three children in Aspen, Colorado. Connie has a unique and inspiring world-view, distilled from more than twenty years of interaction with visionary Native American elders, in both North America and Mexico, for whom she creates forums to share their vision of the nature of the Universe.

Andrew is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction. He was born in England, but grew up in South Africa, where he studied the arts and sciences and lectured in mathematics and chemistry. He sailed to the United States in 1969, and settled in Santa Cruz, California, where he studied with a number of the leaders of the emerging consciousness movement. He later raised five children in New York, where he co-founded a 501©3 non-profit organization which works with the Kalahari Bushmen in southern Africa, the world's oldest living people.

In 2006, Andrew and Connie founded The INNstitute At Sedona, an 8-acre retreat center and think-tank dedicated to developing and spreading the ideas found in this book and workshop, as well as that of other visionaries working in associated fields of human potential and personal development. After the economic downturn, they closed the INNstitute, and now spend much of their lives on the road in their custom TrustMobile, traveling, writing, taking photographs, making films, spreading their optimistic vision of the future, and spending as much time as possible with their grandchildren.

THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions For A New Paradigm

Authored by Andrew Cameron Bailey
Authored with Connie Baxter Marlow
Edition: 1

"THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions For A New Paradigm" is a visionary, uplifting synthesis of quantum science, Eastern mysticism, indigenous wisdom and plain common sense. This practical self-help, personal-development handbook guides us through the next phase of our personal evolution and sets us firmly on the high road to happiness. Accessing "The Trust Frequency" triggers a very powerful upgrade to our individual and collective operating system.

Humanity stands at the brink of an unprecedented change, a "great awakening," the Omega Point, the evolutionary quantum leap predicted by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in "The Future of Man" (1950). All around us we see signs of gathering crisis, economic collapse and climate change. Contrary to popular sentiment, this is a good thing! The old systems based on fear and doubt are collapsing, as indeed they must. Only through crisis do we grow. Imagine what the caterpillar goes through on its way to becoming the butterfly. As we awaken, we realize we need a new reality, a new paradigm, but how do we go about creating one??

We have been engaged in the endless "pursuit of happiness," but happiness has eluded us. Why? Because for thousands of years we have based our consensus reality on a set of limited, erroneous, fear-based assumptions about ourselves, our species and about the entire universe. We can change that! The choice to move into the Trust Frequency triggers a shift to an elevated state of Being, individually and collectively. Once we learn to access this state of peace, love, beauty and abundance, we find ourselves operating at a completely different vibratory rate, where the laws and rules are different. Wisdom, prosperity and enlightenment are the order of the day. We are happy. How do we get there? We elevate our consciousness.

How do we do that? We change our minds, or rather, the content of our minds. We examine and update our fundamental assumptions about the nature of reality, act according to our inner knowing, and our outer world changes accordingly. It's an infinitely more beautiful Universe than we ever suspected. This book takes us there, right to the heart of it. Since we can choose our own reality, let us create a life of grace and ease, abundance, beauty and balance.

Why is this book important to you, the reader? Because it is a direct path to a higher consciousness. From a higher consciousness we experience a much more beautiful world. The Ten Assumptions will change your life, and the lives of those around you. "The Trust Frequency" is essential reading for anyone who is longing for an upward quantum shift in their own reality and in that of society at large. The First Assumption is this: We live in a conscious, loving Universe. There is only Love. That changes everything, does it not?

The Trust Frequency process does not require one to ponder complex mystical or scientific texts, or to spend years in an ashram, meditating. The book is straightforward, entertaining, accessible, and the benefits are felt immediately. The process of examining and updating our core beliefs is similar to upgrading our computer's operating system - there is an immediate and huge improvement on every front. Welcome to the New Humanity, Humanity 2.0! This is the most exciting of times to be alive!

"A wonderfully lucid guide to living more fully and deeply on this Sacred Earth by two loving and highly evolved conscious guides." Hazel Henderson, PhD. Author, Futurist

"What impresses me most about the 'The Trust Frequency' is that it is written from a higher dimensional awareness and clarity that energetically transfers to the reader."
Deborah Rozman, PhD. CEO, Institute of HeartMath

"...welcome yourself into a poetic, philosophical, scientific, artful, and ultimately very personal exploration into who you are, what is real, and how you can participate in the next phase of our evolution." Cassandra Vieten, PhD. Director of Research, Institute of Noetic Sciences

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0988754711 / 9780988754713
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