HEMI - The Chosen Ones: Live in the Fire
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HEMI - The Chosen Ones: Live in the Fire

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HEMI - The Chosen Ones: Live in the Fire

Chicago heavy metal band HEMI brought their dominating energy to the Abbey Pub in June of 2011 as part of The Chosen Ones Tour for a solid nine song set that resulted in their first live album release. A month later, they headlined an intense metal filled live event at the famous Double Door in Chicago. That show is represented here in the form of their drudging track of war torn desolation, Welcome to Bombtown.

This special DVD highlighting the 2010-2013 line-up of HEMI features enhanced audio and video for a superior live heavy metal experience along with an exciting set of special features including:

An EXCLUSIVE interview with Trent Zuberi & Ryan Kramar
Three enhanced music videos:
"Driven To Kill"
"Fire in the Sky (Live Version)"
"Battle of Britain (Live Version)"

Featured Line-Up:
Trent Zuberi - Vox/Bass
Dave "Mr. MaD" Perez - Rhythm Guitar
Ryan Kramar - Lead Guitar
Mike "Guppy" Cieplik - Drums/Percussion

(c)2014 RavensFilm Productions (SM) / HEMI Music Productions / Leash Records

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Format: DVD-R