Summer's Growth

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About the author:
Tina Gayle was born in Texas, the place of her heart and where most of her family still lives. The youngest of four daughters, she grew up a dreamer.

She worked for years in the business world doing a variety of accounting jobs. Then when her two sons were little, Tina decided to go back to school to get a degree in MIS. She only used this degree a few years before deciding to follow her passion for writing romance.

Her first book, Pregnancy Plan was published by The Wild Rose Press in 2007. Next, she tried her hand at writing a paranormal story. Mating Rituals came next and is a farther step away from her other contemporary stories with more off-world fantasy elements. Then she wrote two more contemporary, Baby Decision and Youthful Temptations. She is currently working on a new romantic suspense series about women in a 55+ community.

Married thirty years, she and her husband love to travel and can't wait for Mike to retire so they can do it more.

She also loves to hear from her readers contact her at

Summer's Growth

Authored by Tina Gayle

Forced by the family spirits to get a life, Mattie Winston has to train her replacement Amber Harrison to be in charge of all the workings of the Winston estate. Reluctant to make changes in her life, Mattie forms a bond with Amber, when strange accidents start happening which threaten their lives and an unknown ghost makes an appearance.

After being rescued by an old flame, Quincy Miller, Mattie faces old wounds of rejection. As the general contractor for Amber's redecoration project, Mattie is in constant contact with Quincy and realizes she still in love with her childhood sweetheart.

Amber, learning her new role in the family, wants to discover the identity of the ghost who keeps appearing. After several appearances, Gwen, Amber's distance grandmother, shifts the book into more of Amber's struggle to find out why her grandmother disappeared two hundred years ago without a trace. In a fight to claim her position in the family, Amber searches for clues to solve the mystery.

Mattie and Amber are both challenged when the family spirits decides Amber shouldn't be the keeper. Battling for Amber, Mattie realizes she wants a life with Quincy outside the Winston estate.

Amber realized the importance of her new spiritual family, and she works to discover how Gwen died.

Can these two women achieve their goals?

Adrenaline pumped through Mattie Winston's veins. Her feet pounded the treadmill. The resounding thud of her sneakers rang through the room. Under her black spandex, her breasts tingled with sweat that trickled between them. She loved to run, but for the last few days her pace was off, her stride stuck in an awkward beat.

"We've found a new keeper." The family council's declaration rocked Mattie's world.

She balked at the changes the decision would create. No longer could she hide behind the walls of Winston Manor. Her solitude for the last twenty-eight years shattered by the threat of someone else ruling her domain.

Mattie caught a brief glimpse of Beth's iridescent figure.

"Jonathan wants to see you in the basement right now." Her words floated through the air moments before the spirit disappeared.

Mattie slapped her hand against the stop button and hurried to the door. She hated it when Jonathan altered her morning routine. At the main staircase she paused and forced her breathing into a steady rhythm.

The soft red carpet absorbed her footsteps as she descended the stairs. Her hand caressed the elegant oak curved railing.

In the entryway, the crystal chandelier reflected a rainbow of light off the white marble floor. Painful spears shot through Mattie's heart at the idea of losing her home.

She rounded the corner and rushed to the basement door. Her habit of adjusting the ugly landscape hanging on the wall stopped her for a second. The painting, her aunt's favorite, was estimated to be worth a fortune someday.

Her aunt had enjoyed decorating her home. The thrill of picking out carpet and selecting colors had excited her for months. Even after twenty plus years, Mattie hadn't altered the main design of the house.

What kind of changes would the new keeper make?

The narrow steps which led to the basement slowed her pace. Jonathan, the head of the family, hated to wait. His plans always overruled hers, regardless of what she might have scheduled.

Frustrated, she grumbled, "For heaven sakes, I'm still in my workout clothes. Why can't he plan ahead for these meetings, or at least give me some warning?"

Not dressed in her usual professional attire, she felt out of sync with her role as the Winston's family keeper. The façade provided her with the appearance of having some control. Her job, after all, included handling the business concerns for the family.

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1482503778 / 9781482503777
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