Arching Over

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About the author: is an online catalog of sexotic books for the rowdier reader.

This is not your mommy's porn. Whatever moves erotica from smut to art is at work here. Graphic poetry may not be what you expected but it could be what you've been waiting for... amorous, yearning, exultant.


Kathleen K. has created a diverse library of Private Publications available through

Her eclectic collection features a mix of narrative fiction centered on family life (The Lent Hand), character study (Joody), domestic life (Stainless Mary), literate erotica (The Lunarium) and the counterculture fictional memoir of Stoner with a boner (It's a Long Story), which is the older-sibling book of Stoner's Bone of Contention (The Weightless Joint). The Lunarium is sixty-nine vignettes of voyeurism detailing one man's memories of the watchers and the watched.
Sweet Talkers (Words from the Mouth of a Pay-to-Say Girl) is classified as curiosa, her nonfiction first-person account of managing a phone sex business. It remains an online collectible now in its 3rd Edition.

Transplanted to the Pacific Northwest from the Great Lakes basin, Kathleen K. is a product of the small-press poetry culture with a background in alternative publishing. Her vivid use of language captures characters while life itself provides the twists and turns.
She has mastered make-believe. She makes you believe she's a tow truck driver who falls in love with a shattered family. She makes you believe she's a grocer with an after-hours fondness for reefer and romance. She makes you believe she's a divorced empty nester wondering if her lady-plumbing dictated her destiny.
Kathleen K. drops readers into situations as diverse as the world of Honey B., Sexual Consultant, and of Lee Chin who takes us on a law-office safari. These books are not linked by theme or genre, this is a rich collection of all-age and adults-only offerings comprising decades of production.
Sharp dialog, elegant prose and a sassy attitude give the audience credit for reading between, around and beyond the lines. Consistently praised for her ability to capture tone and emotion, Kathleen K. is a strong voice in contemporary fiction.

These Private Publications are varied in topic but easily identifiable as Words Arranged by Kathleen K.

Arching Over

Collected Collections of Graphic Poetry

Authored by Kathleen K.

ARCHING OVER gathers evocative, provocative poetry of hope, hunger, satisfaction.

Incorporating four short "small press" collectibles, Kathleen K. shows that love+sex is timeless and recognizable. This is a bedside reader for the adult mind. Not suitable for some, appreciated by others.

Kirkus Reviews (October 2013): "A sprawling collection... that intriguingly lays out a dance of seduction in all of its conceivable steps."

SAMPLE 1 - from Your Name Sounds like Yes to Me

baby, there isn't one new thing under the sun
so quit promising to show me
that i haven't had it all until i've had you

i've had it all . . .
it's just that i want it again

i want your fingerprints on me
they'll be like no one else's

i'll lay across a bed, face down
you can begin by explaining
what it is about my ass in tight jeans
that excites you so much

i'll work my shirt up over my head
so you can see my skin
my soft white skin

and then i'll raise up on my elbows

i promise not to scream
when your hands come around
to the front to the tits atop my heart
because you'll be telling me everything
you're going to do to me

when you flip me over
you will order me to pull down my pants
and i will obey you

SAMPLE 2 - from I Feel as I Am Felt

i don't know whether to believe you or not
when you say you think of me
you claim it makes your cock rise
as you remember
and things we've done

do you think i'm going to hush you up
when you tell me that even as we speak
part of you hardens
as part of you softens?
don't i know it?
part of you lingers within me still

i may be a fool to listen
but of all the words you could pick
you seem to know which ones will ring in my ear


i'm a lily in the pond
a dewdrop on the pink rose
i'm naked, bathing, lonely
... somebody should see this

* * * * *

it's tender flesh at the top of the leg
way at the top
very top
... connecting to the bottom
responsive to your prodding
to your paddling, to your smooch

* * * * *

your knees force mine far and farther apart
you want to see
i want to show you
where you slide, that you fit
how i shine

* * * * *

sexual trance
hypnotized by the rhythm
of a waggling finger
the tick of time

* * * * *

passive flesh is nothing
to you
ahh, the jiggle & the sway
the stretch & snap of movement
bared or not
it's the quaking that gets you

* * * * *

SAMPLE 4 - from The Full Kathleen

Midnight, we waited for midnight
to unwrap ourselves.
I will say only that I'm the one who owes
for he's the one who's paid
and in this night
I pour out gratitude and recognition
of unspoken lore between us.

It isn't a perfect act of love (no hope).
Too primal, intimate - still
I weave into this
what I want him to know
of his strength
of his entitlement
the many times and ways
he exceeded in his mission
to be my lover and make me his.

With this between us
we can bear to part.
It was all so true.
It's our lives and we lived through it


Who's been fucking whom,
I want to ask him.
The eternal question:
Who's making what effort?

I should have fucked you more, I'd say,
I should have been emphatic.

He, he knows, had a few things to learn
and now he has, thus teaching me.

The main thrust
of taking him
is my own deep need
to force myself inside
and place myself within
like he did to me
over and over
and under
and through (to)


To even whisper that we will
some day
make love
makes love.

I think about putting my hands in your pockets
then forcing down your pants
because I could
because you'd let me.

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1482683466 / 9781482683462
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