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Surfing the Timeless Wave (Vol1)

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About the author:
The author, Fritz Hudnut, was born and raised in semi-rural Pennsylvania in the mid-fifties/sixties/seventies. After High school I went to Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia where I majored in Painting; I then painted for about 20 years. In 1979 after finishing at Tyler I started my career as an artist by moving to LA. Part of my painting process involved meditation to clear the mind before the physical act of painting. Meditation had been a general interest since being introduced to it in early adolescence by various books on Zen in my father's library, as well as from reading the Whole Earth Catalog stories about meditating Hippies. I also studied Tae Kwon Do in Junior and High school where some meditation was also included to help increase concentration for higher level performance.
In LA there was little money in my life, but there was more time to be alone so I could "do" meditation for "creative" activity. Then in the mid-eighties I was introduced to a type of clairvoyant meditation with the Clearsight program. I spent about five years with the clairvoyant meditation school; in the process it introduced me to the concept of "healing" for self-exploration and for helping others.
In my search for a deeper approach to life I found out about Qi Gong at Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine (ECTOM) bookstore. After a year of reading and trying to do various Qi Gong exercises/meditations on my own I began the Master's of TOM at ECTOM in '94. The ECTOM program strongly emphasized the importance of doing spiritual cultivation to develop our abilities to help people and we were introduced to a number of very serious spiritual teacher/healers. After I graduated from that program I was doing a Qi Gong class there in 2000 and the teacher suggested that we stay to hear a "meditation master" speak; as I tried to leave, the founder of the college came to the door and suggested that I sit down. The rest of that story follows in the first book, "Surfing the Timeless Wave." That first book illustrates the first year and a half of visits with that meditation helper, and is now revised; and "Vol2" continues the narrative of sessions up to late Spring of 2012.
A few years after graduating from ECTOM I returned to participate in the first Doctoral cohort ('04 - '06) to do a clinical doctorate in Oriental Medicine (DAOM). Since then to the present day I have been involved in clinical supervision at several Oriental Medicine schools in LA.

Surfing the Timeless Wave (Vol1)

Meditation For Now With YH Kim

Authored by Fritz Hudnut
Photographs by Fritz Hudnut, Corinne Nolin
Edition: 2

This book has been written, and now revised, to introduce the first year and a half of meditation sessions that the writer, Fritz Hudnut, DAOM, L.Ac., attended with mr. YH Kim--self-described simply as a, "helper." It is based on notes taken during or soon after a series of tri-weekly meetings with him that occurred in 2000 and 2001 at Emperor's College in Santa Monica, CA. The core intent of his sharing demonstrated the real "zen" aspiration of living fully in the eternal Now--for meditation in daily life. As such, for this writer it started a process of finding, not seeking, a way in to life and then on to approaching the infinite reality that deeply supports all life. Those first sessions were spoken mostly in Korean with translation made roughly into English. The challenge of expressing the ineffable in simple terms . . . is part of the difficulty in writing this book. Previously, the exercise was to try to preserve the words/voice as much as possible and yet still be apparent in meaning . . . however, that did not seem to be working for most readers. In this revised edition, for the sake of clarity in English, these are mostly not his exact words any longer, but it is the same message . . . . Only a few voices have spoken this message, like Krishnamurti, Nisargadatta, Ramana, and the like; but fewer still have actually heard it . . . listening is an art, seemingly long lost by us. It is my hope this revised edition works better to enable transparent understanding . . . so that others might learn to share the miracle that is freely available to anyone interested in contacting Life in its ultimate expressions.

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