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About the author:
SAM is a wayshower helping others to learn the truth of their BEing so humanity can return to Source. She is a lifelong believer in the power of Love. Her inspiring life demonstrates the strength of Mind over matter. It is a story of progression from desperation to hope, poverty to riches, limitation to freedom, and fear to Love.

The awareness that we are spirits, in human form having a physical experience, came to SAM shortly after April 4, 2004. Her book series is a personal account highlighting the process of one Lightworker’s awakening. Books from this author include:

Book One: Death of the Sun

Book Two: A Change in Perception

Lightworker’s Log :-) Transformation

Prayer Treatments

Adventures in Greece and Turkey

Earth Angels

Return to Light :-) John of God Helps

Bits of Wisdom

Book of One :-) Volume 1

Book of One :-) Volume 2

SAM is administrator of the popular Internet resource, Lightworker’s Log ( She currently concentrates on writing and spreading Spirit’s message of Oneness. Guided by messages and synchronicities, SAM knows her most valuable asset is the ever-increasing awareness of our true BEing, unique figments of All That Is.

Book of One :-)

Volume 1 Lightworker's Log

Authored by S A M
Edition: Second

Subject: This book increases understanding of Christ Consciousness through channeled messages from a Lightworker’s journey.

Description: Book of One :-) takes the reader on a journey that increases the understanding of Christ Consciousness (awareness of the soul’s oneness with All That Is, what many people refer to as God). It reaches people in different states of wakefulness and resonates strongly with lightworkers, wayshowers, and those on the path of Oneness. Book of One :-) holds inspiring, channeled messages that flowed through SAM from 2006 to March 2012. SAM also shares various extraordinary events that occurred during the early years of her awakening.

Book of One :-) is an excellent bedside companion for spirits in human form. You’ll relate to this book deeply if you’ve felt a connection to the Oneness of life and All That Is, are beginning to awaken to the truth of BEing, or are aware that you are here to spread the Light of One. You’ll enjoy this book regardless of your state of awareness for the messages within it serve as reminders from Home, relate current events, and hint at what’s ahead for humanity.

Review: Book of One :-) holds channeled messages for humanity, fleeting glimpses into a lightworker’s increasing awareness of Oneness and her beginning experiences with ascension. Life-affirming messages are inspiring and offer many opportunities to tap into an increasing state of wakefulness. This book is a must-read for lightworkers, wayshowers, starseeds, and those on the path of Oneness. It is the perfect bedside companion for spirits in human form.

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1939890047 / 9781939890047
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US Trade Paper
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5.5" x 8.5"
Black and White
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