Aging With Ungirdled Passion

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About the author:
Tracy Kunzler is a humor columnist, greeting card and freelance copy writer living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Newly menopausal, short in attention span and long in the breasts, she writes about all the changes that come with reaching a certain age in "Aging With Ungirdled Passion." It is Tracy's first book and a collection of new and expanded essays from her blog and humor columns.

Her second book, "Men & Women: Getting Into Each Other's Genes," is co-written with her brother Bob Nery and takes a seriously tongue-in-cheek look at the innate differences between the sexes. Inspired coping strategies are offered along with lots of laughs. "There's no getting around it. Men and women are very different creatures. The differences can present themselves in the most unsettling of ways! Since they still outlaw spousicide and therapy and divorce are crazy expensive, it's best to face these challenges with humor and good spirits like vodka and gin," jokes Tracy. "I promise that anyone who has ever lived with a member of the opposite sex will find lots to identify with and laugh about in this book," she adds.

"Helping people laugh or smile is so gratifying to me. Nothing is better than knowing you've helped make someone's day a little brighter," says Tracy. "I am so honored to learn many are choosing 'Aging With Ungirdled Passion' to read with their book clubs. Women tell me it makes for a funny, memorable and thought-provoking discussion on aging. One group chose to serve an array of anti-aging foods and wine while sharing laughs over the 'gifts' that come with aging covered in the book," adds Tracy.

Tracy lives happily ungirdled with her husband, twin sons (when not away at college), and their beloved mixed breed mutt, Bogie. To share in the Ungirdled community, Tracy invites you to like the Ungirdled Passion page on facebook and to follow her tweets via her twitter account @Ungirdled. To join in the he-said/she-said fun, follow the Men & Women Genes page on facebook and on twitter @menwomengenes.

Aging With Ungirdled Passion

You may be a hot, hairy mess, but you're not alone.

Authored by Tracy L Kunzler
Illustrated by Vicki Bruner
Edition: 1

If You’re A Woman 40 Years Or Older, You Need This Book!You may be a hot, hairy mess, but you're in good company!

Experiencing hot flashes, menopause, wrinkles, unwanted hair, weight gain, incontinence? This is the prescription you need! Cheaper than therapy and a whole lot more fun! Laughter is the best remedy for the "gifts" that come with aging! From humor columnist, blogger and greeting card writer Tracy Kunzler comes a selection of new, expanded and favorite essays on aging with “ungirdled passion.” It’s a celebration and commiseration concerning the “gifts” that come with reaching “a certain age.”

Chapters, Highlights And Symptoms Include:

- My Ovaries Are Going Out of Business, And All My Clothing Is Half Off!

- Middle Age Has Turned Me Into A Real Mother Plucker!

- My Perfect Sleep Number Is Chardonnay

- I’ve Fought The Lard, And The Lard’s Won: Fallen Soldiers In The Battle of the Bulge

Shift Happens; It’s Best To Be A Man About It.

Living with ungirdled passion means you’ve shed societal and nylon constraints,

you have the guts to be yourself, and you're comfortable in your own skin, even if that skin is now spotted, loose and veiny! The ungirdled woman doesn’t run from the changes that come with age - mostly because she can no longer run. She accepts them with grace, dignity and good spirits - namely tequila, vodka and gin!

Here's What Readers Say:

- I love Tracy's smart and quirky sense of humor. The table of contents alone is hilarious. Reading this book will make you feel like you just spent a night out with all of your best girlfriends. What a great gift idea!

- Not only did it make me laugh, it made me feel so much better about myself and my age. I am going to read it again (and I never read books twice).

- I wanted to take a sneak peak after downloading this book and thirty minutes later, I was still reading and laughing. What an enjoyable and hysterical read! Thank you for reminding us of how seriously funny life can be.

The Perfect Gift For Any Woman 40 And Beyond!

Pair this book with a bottle of her favorite "medicine" for a gift she'll really appreciate! "Aging With Ungirdled Passion" is a fun, light-hearted, reflective read she'll love. You've paid more for sandwiches that aren't half as amusing and insightful! So join the party as we celebrate the important insights that can only be gained from living and loving for the past four, five, six or seven decades while laughing at the less-appreciated gifts that come with the A.G.E. syndrome. You may be hairier, heavier, and grumpier. But you’re not alone!

Join the party! Scroll up and grab your copy today!

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