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The South Village

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About the author:
I have a story to tell. Some will say it's a very vivid tale from a very strange author. Others will tell you that I should be locked up, that things like this just aren't true. But they are.

The story I want to tell you really happened. How do I know? Well, I was there. The dragon king, Envir gave me permission to come back from his world and told me to tell the story so that others, people like the ones in the story will know there is hope.

I will tell you my name is K. S. Carol. I'm not...not really. But for the purpose of this book that's who I'll be. I'm a teller of tales and the scribe of my world. Not this one, but one that defies all that you have known.

Aurora was having a bad day. Actually she was having a bad life. Her mother had just died and she inherited a tapestry, a knife and a box. But she didn't want them. She wanted her well ordered life to go on well ordered. But the Lady Elizabeth and Envir decided that things would be better if she came to them. So when she was trying to decide what to do with these new gifts she fell into the beautiful tapestry.

Her life as she'd known it was gone. The world in which she found herself in was rich in magic, creatures she'd never heard of and a few she thought only to be myth. Aurora was their only hope and she thought that with her...

Well, it would be very unfair of me to tell you the whole of her story before I've begun the tale now wouldn't it?

The South Village

The Kingdom of Enneahedral Series

Authored by K. S. Carol

The South Village sounded like the ideal sort of place to be. Nine shops lined each side of the main street, a large pond stood by in a forest so dense that the sun rarely shown through.
But it wasn't.
The shops had been closed up for decades because someone had killed a few of the merchants and frightened the rest off. The pond had been cursed and a creature so vile that the flowers surrounding it wouldn't show themselves for fear of it killing them. And ravels would pluck unsuspecting people from their way along the road and eat them. Life in the South Village was anything but normal.
But Aurora and her band of merry men were going to fix everything starting with the shops. Hours after starting on them some of the humans came out of the woods to help and then other creatures. Soon they had nearly all of them cleaned and people moving in to sell their wares. But the pond's inhabitant was not leaving.
"Take it back," he growled at her. "Take back your help and leave me be. I like it here and I like it undisturbed. I want my peace."
"Too bad. There are others here besides you who need this lake and you've killed all that live there before you." He raised his head from the blue water and roared. "And enough of that too. I'll have you know that before you came along and moved in a whole village ate from here. Animals drank from this water and survived. You are to move out of the lake and go to your own lair."
When the creature stood up out of the water she nearly ran back. He was bigger than she'd thought and wondered how something so huge could have hidden in the lake without someone seeing him before now. Water steamed from his scales, moss and weeds fell to the water only to be sucked under when he sank back down. She wondered if he had sharp teeth when he leaned toward her and forgot it when his stench hit her nose.
"You smell," she said before she could sensor it. "I mean, you would think that living in the water that you'd smell at least a little better. Sheesh!"
Then there was the king and his irritating ways to contend with. Would Aurora ever get through this?

Publication Date:
193986528X / 9781939865281
Page Count:
Binding Type:
US Trade Paper
Trim Size:
6" x 9"
Black and White
Related Categories:
Juvenile Fiction / Action & Adventure / Survival Stories

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