Bill Ayers: Teaching Revolution

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About the author:
Mary Grabar, Ph.D., is founder of the Dissident Prof Education Project, Inc.,, which is committed to "resisting the re-education of America." This is the third publication by Dissident Prof Press. She most recently edited "Exiled: Stories from Conservative and Moderate Professors Who Have Been Ridiculed, Ostracized, Marginalized, Demonized, and Frozen Out," a collection of essays from six of her "dissident" colleagues (published in 2013). In 2012, she coauthored with history professor Brian Birdnow, "'A New Beginning,' Or a Revised Past? President Barack Obama's Cairo Speech," a guidebook on Obama's historically inaccurate speech, now frequently assigned to college students.

Mary Grabar earned her Ph.D. in English from the University of Georgia in 2002, and has since then taught in a number of colleges and universities in Georgia.

She writes frequently about education and other issues for such publications as Accuracy in Media, PJ Media, Weekly Standard, Minding the Campus, Townhall, Front Page Magazine, and Roll Call.

Bill Ayers: Teaching Revolution

Authored by Mary Grabar
Edition: 1

In Bill Ayers: Teaching Revolution, Mary Grabar, Ph.D., draws on her twenty-year career in education to expose the ways Bill Ayers's ideas are revolutionizing and transforming K-12 schools. Ayers, the co-founder of the SDS terrorist splinter group, Weatherman, and its National Education Secretary, spread his subversive ideas through colleges of education during a 23-year career as an education professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Mary Grabar gives an insider's view of how radical teachers have taken over education schools and are now carrying on Ayers's mission of using schools to radicalize students.
Beginning with a brief history of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) and their communist-inspired plans to transform the country by transforming education, Mary Grabar lays out exactly how Bill Ayers has contributed to the destruction of education.
She is the only reporter to have attended the February 2013 conference that featured Bill Ayers as speaker, the Association of Teacher Educators in Atlanta. She describes how Ayers is treated by his colleagues and how panels at such conferences reflect Ayers's ideology.
Using her experience as a college professor and writer about education issues, she analyzes his most popular book that is widely used as a textbook in colleges of education, and reviews his so-called scholarly writings, his syllabi, and the dissertations he helped direct. She looks at how his ideas have percolated down into colleges of education across the country, even, and especially, in Georgia. She looks at the many trips for conferences, meetings, and research across the globe Illinois taxpayers paid for in the years before Ayers's retirement. She examines how a new non-profit organization is bringing Bill Ayers's own rewritten history, as a civil rights and peace activist, into our K-12 schools. She shows that the reality is different from the way Ayers sees himself and from the way fawning educrats see him: His ideas are still the same as they were when he was National Education Secretary for the terrorist group Weatherman. He is still a "communist with a small 'c,'" as he has so often referred to himself.
Mary Grabar demolishes the myth that Bill Ayers is a legitimate educator and she offers constructive ways to challenge his grip on the schools that train our future teachers. No fight could be more crucial today.
Some of the ways Bill Ayers's radical ideology is influencing education today:
* Presenting the U.S. and the West as oppressors and promoting "global citizenship."
* Continuing the communist project of presenting capitalism as the basis of racism.
* Rejecting order, testing, standards, and independent thought in school and replacing them with constant questioning of values and "collaboration."
* Open revolutionary goals, and encouragement of "anarchist calisthenics," when administrators are not looking, to find an institution's "cracks."
* Self-interest and self-promotion, with the teacher as hero, and replacement of the parent by the teacher, government surrogate.

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