Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr Sunflower Splendor Chair Yoga

Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr Sunflower Splendor Chair Yoga

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Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr Sunflower Splendor Chair Yoga

Enjoy the grandeur of the brilliant sunflower fields as you experience an invigorating modified yoga session using a chair for support. This practice begins with a seated warm up to gently stretch and lengthen the spine in a full range of motion, flowing into a standing segment using the chair for balance as we create more strength and flexibility in the lower body while linking breath with movement. Also includes a BONUS "step-by-step tension and release" meditation designed to unravel stress and recharge the body.
Experience an effective modified yoga practice using a chair for SEATED and STANDING postures, while you receive yoga's healing and rejuvenating benefits. Relax your body and mind, tone your body, increase flexibility, improve your breathing habits and posture, while enhancing your overall well-being.

As an added bonus, enjoy a 9 minute "Step by Step Tension Release" video designed to free the body of built up stress and tension as you bask in a radiant field of sunflowers. Sarah will guide you through a practice in which you systematically and progressively tense and relax different muscle groups in the body, combined with deep breathing to release stress, creating deeper levels of relaxation for the entire body.

45 minutes total run time

Yoga Segment 38 min
Bonus Guided Meditation 7 min

Note: If you have any physical impairments or limitations, please be sure to check with your physician before using this or any of Sarah's programs.

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