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Cathy Harris is an Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, Health and Wellness Expert and Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Food Expert. She launched the National Non-GMO Health Movement She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to moving forward. She is known for her guerilla marketing style by means of forums, radio interviews, e-broadcasts, web postings and newsletters.

As the self-help author of several paperback and e-books, her non-fiction line of empowerment books has received rave reviews by everyone who has read them. She is known as a woman in the business of uplifting and empowering her community. Her health and business initiatives for the entire community have helped her venture into uncharted territories where she is helping others transcend boundaries and create options.

Cathy is a veteran and lives in Atlanta, GA. She is available for lectures, seminars and workshops at For more empowerment tools, join the mailing list and buy other books by Cathy Harris at

Cancer Cures

Heal Your Body and Save Your Life

Authored by Ms. Cathy Harris

Even though I have never been diagnosed with cancer, it doesn't mean cancer is not growing inside of my body at this very minute. However, cancer has played a major role in my life.

In 2007, my two best friends died 6 months apart from each other with lung and colon cancer. As a matter of fact, one of them spoke at the other one's funeral. Little did he know that in 6 months he too would be lying in a coffin --dead from cancer.

After they died, I knew that I had to educate myself on why cancer took my friends and how I had to stop it from taking other people that I deeply cared about. So I set out on a journey to educate myself about cancer.

Even though the path through understanding cancer requires work and discipline, it is also filled with discoveries that will excite and motivate you. For anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, the goal is to keep your focus on the joys in your life.
I quickly found out that everyone knew at least 2 or more people who were either living with cancer or who had died from cancer. There were tons of information out there on cancer but usually most information is invisible to people unless it contained some topic that affected them directly. I guess I was the same. Until my friends died of cancer, I had never really noticed how much information was out there on cancer.

I found out that cancer ranks as the number 2 cause of death in the United States behind heart disease (with Diabetes being number 3). Cancer does not discriminate! It ravishes the body of the young and old, black and white - whether you are an athlete or a couch potato.

About one in six persons will die of cancer. Almost half with cancer will die within 5 years. No one knows the exact number of new cancer cases diagnosed in the U.S. each year because no nationwide cancer registry exists.

The most alarming fact that I found out about cancer is that it is a billion dollar industry (a $200 billion industry a year). Many thousands are employed in, or associated with, the cancer industry including the, American Medical Association (AMA), American Cancer Society (ACS), National Cancer Institute (NCI), drug companies, doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, healthcare providers, medical equipment suppliers, etc. and the CEOs and staff don't EVER expect to have their paychecks reduced.

Think about this for a minute, one in four people will get cancer in their lifetime. That's 25%! The average treatment cost is over $200,000 per person. There are billions of dollars being made every year -- all while keeping the truth about the cure for cancer hidden.

When you really stop and think about it, vested interest groups, special interest groups, and corporations control every major industry! They have the deep pockets to affect all areas of government. Corruption is wide spread and it's all about keeping a billion-dollar industry in place.

The information I found out was so eye-opening. Cancer is a serious illness but it is not necessarily fatal. If you catch it on time, you do have the luxury of some time. Therefore, if you have been diagnosed with cancer, take a "deep breath" and look at the actions in this book that you need to take to save your life.

My friends' deaths were not in vain. Little will they ever know that their deaths allowed me to raise my level of thinking and become a "cancer educator." Now I am in a better position to educate others about the devastating effects of cancer and help keep their legacies alive. They will be truly missed!

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