Daniel Unsealed

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About the author:
Dan Bruce is a research chronologist, Bible expositor, and avid student of both ancient and modern Jewish history. He currently resides in a small suburban community on the far outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States.

Daniel Unsealed

An exposition revealing what the seven chrono-specific predictive prophecies in Daniel say about history

Authored by Dan Bruce
Edition: First

"This outstanding exegesis of the Book of Daniel has yet to be discovered by Jews and Christians alike. There are several authors who claim that their exposition of Daniel deserves the title 'Unsealed.' This one delivers on that promise and is very likely to remain unsurpassed!"---from a review by a veteran Bible translator

Using the interpretative key that was revealed for the entire world to see when the Temple Mount was liberated by Israel in 1967, Bible scholar and chronologist Dan Bruce has interpreted anew the chrono-specific prophecies found in the Book of Daniel, chapter 4 and chapters 7-12, for understanding by this end-time generation. His Bible-based exposition fully explains the seven chrono-specific predictive prophecies that were sealed up in Daniel so long ago, and does so in agreement with documented history. His fresh new interpretations are cogent and unique, and give undeniable proof that the God of the Bible always has been, and still is, actively engaged in the affairs of mankind. By showing how the past two-thousand-plus years of Jewish history were foretold by the chrono-specific prophecies in Daniel and how, one by one, those prophecies have been fulfilled in history exactly as predicted—with some being fulfilled as recently as 1967—this book will open the eyes and ears of anyone who questions the reality of God’s sovereign presence in the world today.

Note that the basis for this book is simple. All modern Bible chronology is based on an erroneous Assyrian chronology developed by scholars over the past 150 years. Using the Assyrian chronology as an anchor works fine for events in Bible history occurring after 745 BCE, but creates major problems for biblical chronologists since Assyrian chronology is misaligned with actual events as they occurred in history prior to that year. In order to get the biblical timeline to agree with the Assyrian timeline, most Bible scholars assume scribal and other transmission errors in the biblical text rather than question the Assyrian timeline. Our research, which does just the opposite by assuming that the Bible chronology is the most accurate chronology available from ancient times, shows that assuming error in Scripture is not necessary once the problem with the Assyrian chronology is recognized and the Assyrian dates prior to 745 BCE are adjusted. By making that adjustment, our publications show how all Ancient Near East chronologies, those of Israel (and Judah), Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Tyre, and Urartu (Van), can be perfectly harmonized with one another.

All chronological interpretations in this book are the result of original Bible research by The Prophecy Society. The interpretations are NOT based on, derivative of, or associated with the work of any of the following groups or persons who have been active in the field of sacred chronology: Bishop James Ussher, The Watchtower Society, The Seventh-day Adventist Church, The LDS Church, The Institute for Creation Research and similar creationist groups, Donovan Courville, Rolf Furuli, David Rohl, Peter James, Immanuel Velikovsky, and similar.

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Jul 01 2013
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