Not In the Child's Best Interest

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Ron and Sherry Palmer are parents who fought a years long bitter battle to remain equal parents with equal time and equal rights to their children. They have used attorneys when possible and successfully argued to the court themselves when necessary. They protected their rights against all odds. They are sharing with you what they learned through pain, loss, and final victory. They wrote this book so that you wouldn't lose your children and have to spend years fighting to get them back.

Attorneys, judges, friends and family urged them to just give in and move on with their lives. They were told that nobody can beat the divorce system. They proved that it can be done and they tell you how in this book.

No fit parent should ever be without their children at least 50% of the time. No fit parent should ever be relegated to a "visitor" or a "checkbook" in the lives of their children. You have every right to be an equal parent and this book shows how to keep that right.

Do you want to know how divorce courts strip fit parents of their rights every day? More importantly, do you want to know how you can stop them from doing it to you? The Supreme Court says you have fundamental constitutional rights as a parent. Divorce courts say you don't. Which one rules in your case depends on how you present your argument.

This book destroys the twisted logic used by divorce courts to deprive fit parents of equal rights. It provides the tools for parents to protect their children from losing a parent. Nowhere else will you find so much value for so little cost. If you get this book early you can protect your children from the beginning and keep them from suffering the lose of a parent. If your child is already suffering the lose of you as a parent this book will help you get back into their lives as an equal parent.

This book is already helping parents remain parents beginning with mediation and helping all the way through trial. Those fit parents who have already lost at trial are gaining new hope for getting their children back. Don't let divorce be the end of your role as an active parent in your child's life. Get the book now, before you suffer the loss of a child so you can stand up with authority and tell the divorce court to get out and stay out of your private protected relationship between you and your child.

Not In the Child's Best Interest

How Divorce Courts get it all Wrong and How the Constitution can fix it

Authored by Ron B Palmer
Authored with Sherry L Palmer
Edition: 2013-01

You Can Protect Your Children in Divorce
  • You can stop the divorce court from invading your privacy
  • You can stop the illegal family studies
  • You can limit the judges authority to rip your life apart
  • You can stop the personal attacks on your parenting style
  • You can stop the system from hurting your child
  • You can stop the system from making you broke
  • You can learn to protect those you love most

The Divorce Industry takes BILLIONS of dollars from our children every single year! STOP THEM NOW!

This book will give you the arguments, the legal framework for stopping the divorce custody machine dead in its tracks. This book will show you how to stop giving up your rights to your children. Your children need you in their lives. The most important thing you can do to give your child a future is to remain a full parent in their lives. To retain equal time to show them love and to teach them through your daily example. Children do best in life when they have two fit parents active in their lives.

Your right to the care, custody and control over your child is a Fundamental Liberty, just as your right to free speech is, or your right to freedom of religion is a Fundamental Liberty. Your child has the right to associate with you and to have you as a parent, not a visitor, in their life. You and your child have privacy rights in your family life that are between you and your child as individuals. They do NOT come from the marriage, and, if you are a natural parent, they do NOT come from the Government. If you let them, the State will take your rights adn do with them what they please.

Knowledge is Power!

Know your Rights!

Protect Your Children

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