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About the author:
Stephanie Herman is a homeschooling mom who wrote Cost Benefit Jr.(tm) for her eight-year-old son, not only to teach him about how the economy works, but to teach him how to make choices. She wrote the book right after the birth of her second son, during his naps!

At eight, her older son was well aware of the benefits to be had, but rarely recognized the accompanying costs. And while he could appreciate what his own incentives (and disincentives) to act might be, he hardly ever saw that other people's actions were also governed by a set of incentives and disincentives.

She wanted to show her son that the world is balanced by the creative tension between costs and benefits.

Costs and benefits bracket every choice we make, from which brand of toothpaste to buy... to which person to marry... to how we spend our free time. Once we understand that, we can make informed choices; we can make good choices.

Herman believes that even young children behave "economically," and not just in choosing how to spend an allowance. Kids respond to incentives in their behavior toward friends. They compete for things they value. And even the most well-behaved children evaluate costs and benefits when determining the wisdom of following rules.

Children need to understand that we all have incentives to behave ethically. They need to understand that human beings will benefit in some way - either financially, spiritually, physically or psychologically - from every action they voluntarily take. And they also need to understand that we can be harmed by our own economic choices. Eating too much cake can cause a tummy-ache, a double chin, or even diabetes, but we can't overlook the benefit to the taste buds that led us there in the first place.

Cost Benefit Jr.

Stories in Microeconomics

Authored by Stephanie Herman
Edition: 3

Cost Benefit Jr.(tm): Stories in Microeconomics is a literature-based curriculum in microeconomics for kids. Students as young as eight can learn complex concepts like supply & demand, opportunity cost, and diminishing marginal utility when they're presented in simple stories.

Each weekly story and quiz will take the average 4th grade student 20 to 30 minutes to read and complete. The curriculum is meant to cover a normal school year, and is ideal for homeschoolers or as a quick & easy supplement to classroom learning.

Cost Benefit Jr.(tm): Stories in Microeconomics covers the price system, supply & demand, opportunity costs, incentives, limited resources, market negotiation, competition, unseen costs and benefits, budgeting, cost-benefit analysis, and the roles of both savings and consumption in the flow of an economy. It covers the following national curriculum standards published by the National Council on Economic Education:

Standard 1: Scarcity
Standard 2: Marginal Cost/Benefit
Standard 4: Role of Incentives
Standard 5: Gain from Trade
Standard 7: Markets - Price and Quantity Determination
Standard 8: Role of Price in Market System
Standard 9: Role of Competition
Standard 14: Profit and the Entrepreneur

In addition to economic principles, our book reinforces basic math and reading comprehension skills, as well as the interpretation of basic graphs. It's full of bright photographs and graphics, printed in full color. A glossary of terms is included, along with an online Answer Key.

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