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Eight people, one a ghost, come together at a community television station. There we find, artists, mathematicians, yoga instructors, computer programmers, old hippies, the slightly crazy, and the unrequited.

The story is set in a small Texas town and the three main characters illustrate some of the dynamics going on. Paul, the artist, is a middle-aged widower who has gone into his own little world and convinced himself that he is happy right there. Mary, the mathematician, knows her life includes a big lie that has become burdensome as she is called to lay her cards on the table and reveal who she really is. Rusty, a one-time hotshot radio guy comes to town after his "high life" days are over. Determined to reclaim the past, he is slowly consumed by his fantastical desires and obsessions.

These three, their grown children and the other inhabitants of the TV station, find their lives intertwined and nudge each other into confessions, confrontations and new expectations.

Nudged: Features Local Talent & Charm, San Marcos Daily Record Nudged, 5-13-15

Local Film, Nudged, to Preview at Corral Theater, Wimberley View, 5-14-15

Title #429500
Format: DVD-R