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Reality Engineering

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About the author:
Joshua Free first began by receiving personal apprenticeships from his early years and progressing through his entire life, including various Christian Gnostics, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, O.T.O. Ordo Templi Orientis, A.A. Argentium Astrum among others. He was officially initiated into the Pheryllt Druid tradition at the age of 12 and began leading his own Gnostic Druid organization at 13.

Joshua Free is the founder of Mardukite Ministries (2008), an organization that has continued to grow phenomenally since, and the prolific author of many works including Arcanum, Book of Elven-Faerie, The Sorcerer's Handbook of Merlyn Stone, Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible, Sumerian Religion, Babylonian Myth & Magic, Draconomicon, and many others. In the 1990's he was the youngest initiate of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids in England until he left to independently pursue the origins of the Celtic Druids - resulting in the "Book of Elven-Faerie", now available in a collected works anthology with "Draconomicon" and "Druidry" titled: "The Druid Compleat" (2013).

Joshua Free co-founded the Systemology division (Systemological Society) of the Mardukite Research Organization in the Spring of 2011 and authored the first four 'NexGen booklet' installments comprising "Systemology 1.0" (better known as Systemology-101), including "Human, More Than Human", "Systemology: Defragmentation", "Trans-Human Generations" and "The Games" -- all of which appear in the first edition Systemology 1.0 mini-anthology: "Crystal Warriors & Mystic Knights."

Although usually best known for his Mesopotamian work emphasis on Sumerians, the Anunnaki and Babylonian Tradition for the "Mardukites", his work on the Dragon Legacy and modern Pheryllt Druid and Elven-Faerie tradition is also paramount. Recently, his writings even appeared in the third and final volume of the bestselling trilogy by Douglas Monroe, "The Deepteachings of Merlyn".

Reality Engineering

Self Mastery, World Leadership & How to Design Your Destiny (A Universal System Developer's Guide to Operating the Human Condition)

Authored by Joshua Free
Edition: 1

A Universal System Developer's Guide to Operating the Human Condition and Experience of Life, the Universe & Everything...

When we first directed SELF to form and inhabit the current Human Condition of Reality Experience, we apparently forgot to pack the 'Operator's Manual' for a journey in this existence. Participation in any other kind of 'system' or 'game' - or even the use of another type of 'vehicle', which is what the 'physical body' is for the Human Condition - they all involve having had access to some proper "rulebook" or "guide" prior.

So - what happened to this one?

REALITY ENGINEERING -- Based on the author's own privately offered lecture-workshop series in 2008-9, the long-anticipated breakthrough literary contribution from the underground legend, Joshua Free.

A powerfully unique presentation of the 'Systemology of Reality', drawing from a 6,000+ year well-spring of 'Mystery School' teachings, philosophy, religion and science, this 'New' groundbreaking 'holistic' approach - the ultimate wide-angle view meta-system of understanding beyond (and yet encompassing) all other systems of knowledge and belief. "It's not a question of what you are seeing but why you are seeing it..."

'REALITY ENGINEERING' (Systemology 2.0) demonstrates a superior knowledge and fundamental Universal Truth about:


Using analogy, models, 100 diagrams & figures and language free of any particular philosophic, scientific or religious discipline, Reality Engineering is easy to understand even with no previous background or additional materials - immediately you can start to understand the concepts and use this book to realize the highest ideal of the "Human Condition" into your life.

Methods of self-knowledge, self-actualization, reaching a self-honest or "unconditioned" Reality Experience... These and other fundamentals have been kept beneath the 'surface' of public awareness by those in possession of this information and practiced skills of using it to influence the Realm: the conditions and programs - the function and ability of the Human Vehicle to perceive the 'world', the 'Realm'... Reality...

Even if you have never before tried or successfully applied the Secret Knowledge of the Ages, used and hidden by the true "Reality Engineers" (whatever guise they may clad themselves in) throughout history - the self-guiding self-defining lessons contained in this book capture the supreme essence of the highest intellectual and mystical levels of 'human conditional' understanding and awareness using a uniquely developed method of models and language to communicate the most advanced spiritual technology in existence on the planet.

NexGen Systemology - 2.0 System Logics = Knowledge of how all the conceivably fragmented parts of Reality & Existence are interconnected and influentially interdependent to compose a whole All-as-One.

Invite this amazing Reality Engineering knowledge and awareness of energetic dynamics into your life and discover:

-How YOU experience apparent reality day-to day...
-Why some people seem BLESSED or GIFTED with MAGICAL POWER...
-How UNSEEN energetic forces influence observable reality...
-Why HUMANS feel, think and behave as they do and how this programming can be altered...

Beautifully engineered pages describe a methodology for holistic existence that includes:

-How to increase awareness & intelligence... (with 'Existential Epistemology')
-How to improve communication & persuasion... (with 'System Energetics')
-How to heighten self-esteem & worldly success... (with 'Self-Honest Awareness')
-How to expand perceptions of reality potentiality... (with '21st Century Metaphysics')
-How to (re)program your personality and others... (with 'Cosmic Encoding Dynamics')
-How to self-direct behavior pattern correction... (with 'Dynamic Phenomenology')
-How to self-actualize designing your destiny... (with 'Universal Law Energetic Flow')

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