Improving your intuition: You can make better decisions!

Improving your intuition: You can make better decisions!

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Improving your intuition: You can make better decisions!

*Connect your logic and intuition to make confident decisions!
* Understand creativity and innovation!
* Learn the difference between impulse and intuition to make better decisions!

The Improving Your Intuition video includes creative problem solving and decision making exercises, described by the experts that created them. Connect your logic and intuition for a confident decision.

The video gives concrete examples of how intuition has helped people make healthful and profitable life decisions. Worldwide, intuition is used for things as practical as stock market investing and quitting smoking. In business, intuitive thinking is known as "creative problem solving," says author Ann McGee Cooper.

Intuitive decision making and Stock Trades

This video has been used in seminars since 1999 to train Day & Stock Traders. The guests on this video, many of whom are Ph.D.'s, have advised titans of industry and government!

Those interviewed, collectively known as the "Intuition Network," tell us that "intuition is like a muscle that can be developed and strengthened."

The interviews for this video were done at the "Intuition at Work: From Insight to Application," conference, that was held in Denver, Colorado, in November 1995. The program was originally released in 1997 and re-edited in 2015.

The first step in intuitive thinking is learning to trust your hunches, according to Dr. Bill Taggart, a business professor who also emphasizes the importance of keeping a journal of these nagging thoughts. "By keeping a journal of your hunches," Taggart says, " it can become more of a conscious process rather then something that just happens randomly."

Wall street veteran Gary Markoff, present his techniques an for using intuition for spotting trends and noticing cycles.

Make better decisions, be your own psychic, Improve your Intuition!


Ann McGee Cooper is the author of "You Don't Have To Go Home From Work Exhausted" and "Time Management For Unmanageable People."
Ann is a well Known creative problem solving specialist and business consultant.

Marcia Emery Ph.D. has been teaching intuitive development for decades and is the author of "Dr. Emery's Intuition Workbook."

Sharon Franquemont is the author of "You Already Know What To Do" and has been the featured trainer in "Intuition Magazine."

Edith Jurka MD is a board trained psychiatrist and creator of the "Wind Song Center" that helps already successful people add to their capacities.

Gary Markoff Vice president of Smith Barney Inc. in Boston. Gary was named in Money
Magazines 15th Anniversary issue as "One of the Top Stockbrokers in America."

Henry Reed Ph.D. has published several research articles and popularized books on dreams and intuition. Henry is a well-known intuition trainer.

Nancy Rosanoff is the author of "Intuition Workout" and has conducted numerous intuition training programs.

Bill Taggert is a professor of management at Florida International University. Bill has created a variety of intuitive assessment tools and training exercises.

Alan Vaughan Ph.D. is an internationally known authority on intuitive phenomenon, precognition and prophetic dreams. He has written numerous books and scientifically demonstrated such skills as solving crimes, finding sunken ships, remote viewing, telepathy and precognition.

Produced, Directed and edited by Raymond C. Adler

Billboard Magazine
"Journal writing, visualizing issues and goals, playing guessing games based on real life situations, and paying close attention to dreams are a few of the previously well-kept secrets these elite members of the "Intuition Network" share with audiences."

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