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Galacticon 3

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Galacticon 3

For those of you who were in attendance at Galacticon 3 in Houston, the DVD recorded during the May 2013 event will be a walk down memory lane. For those of you who were not, it will be an insight into what happens at Galacticon, and it will show the camaraderie and loyalty between the actors and the fans During the Opening Ceremony Edward James Olmos referred to the weekend as a 'love fest' and he stated that it is the fans' continued support, and gatherings like Galacticon, that convinced many of the actors to start attending this type of event more frequently.

In 2013 more actors and behind the scenes people from both the original and the reimagined series gathered together all on one stage at the George R. Brown Convention Center, making it a 'first. The first two and a half minutes of the DVD shows highlights celebrating this rare 4 day weekend. The DVD also emphasizes various high points from the Opening Ceremony, which was hosted by Edward James Olmos and featured many of the guests. The Opening also brought the two Colonel Tigh (Terry Carter and Michael Hogan) together for another rare moment.

As you watch this DVD you will not only travel back in time to the 2013 convention, but also into the imaginary TV world of Galactica with heartfelt words from each actor as they reflect on their thoughts and feelings on each respective show and how each version tied into real world events happening at the time.

You will see highlights from various panels including the one with Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell, meet the stars of Caprica Alessandra Torresani and Esai Morales, witness a comedic moment between Nicki Clyne and Michael Trucco, and hear Michael Hogan talk about how he almost didn't audition because he thought it was 'just another military show.' Also, you will be introduced to the creation of Gene Haggerty's Cylon Raider as it was unveiled for the very first time. You will get insight from composer Bear McCreary's perspective, as well as from our other special guests.

This DVD also contains some humorous times from the actors, including Richard Hatch 'battling' a few Cylons, and Noah Hathaway being reunited with a 'daggit. The DVD will take you right through those special moments on up to the Closing Ceremony and Kathy Coleman's (Land of the Lost) tearful goodbye when she expressed her gratitude to have been included at this event although she was not an actor on Battlestar Galactica.

Friendships were made during the four days of 'face to face' interaction and many lasting bonds were sealed. Up until Galacticon 3, many connections had only been made via the 'internet' and social media. Footage was captured every day showcasing various aspects of the actors, special guests and fans alike. We had to narrow it down to the best of the best to sum up the magic, the moments, the memories and much more that will last a lifetime all in one noteworthy DVD with separate chapters to make it easy to navigate
This is something true Galactica fans will not want to miss.

Special thanks to John Grimshaw and Elvia Phelps for making this Video possible.

Runtime is 1 hour 24 minutes

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