In nomine Satan (in the name of Satan)

In nomine Satan (in the name of Satan)

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In nomine Satan (in the name of Satan)

"Best drama" at NYCIFF 2014 (New York)
"Best editing" at DSPFF 2014 (New Delhi)
"Oro Invisibile" at IUF 2014 (Lenola)
language: Italian
subtitles: english
directed by Emanuele Cerman
with: Francesca Viscardi, Stefano Calvagna, Fabrizio Raggi, Mattia Mor, Emanuele Cerman, Tiziano Mariani, Maria Tona, Federico Palmieri, Fabiano Lioi, Virginia Gherardni, Manuela Torres, Giulia Morgani, Fabio Farronato

Based on a true story, the film begins with the arrest of Antonio and Elena who are caught by two Narcotics agents. They are in shock and completely stoned. Once admitted to the hospital, they confess to the murder of their friend Angela. Investigators uncover a brutal murder devoid of logic and ultimately suspect that the killers did not act alone. What comes to light is a reality beyond the imaginable: Satanism.
Soon the investigators must deal with additional murders and incitements to commit suicide.
"In The Name of Satan" is a drama based on a true story which also reflects the society in which we live today.

BBC: " The most shocking event in Italy after the World War II".
9 Sentences.
3 Life sentences.
131 Years of punishment inflicted.

"In Nomine Satan," directed by Emanuele Cerman, has bravely taken on the task of addressing a threatening chapter in Italian history: one of the most shocking murders since the Second World War. The film, shot mainly by Emanuele Cerman's shoulder, places the audience in the center of the story, clearly still fresh in the minds of many, making it impossible to claim indifference. The best thing about this film is that it doesn't trivialize this gruesome story. Instead, it offers innovative reflections from which one can find meaning, which we are still struggling to find.

"The directorial debut of Emanuele Cerman recounts one of the most shocking criminal cases in Italian history. His main interest is in re-telling the story which, far from being the final word, casts doubt and concern over the tale."

Best Drama at NYCIFF 2014
Best Editing at DSPFF 2014
Oro Invisibile at LFIUF 2014

NYCIFF 2014 ( best international movie, best supporting actress, best editing, best make up)
MIFF 2014 ( best original screenplay and best lead actor)

Film Festivals:
New York City International Film Festival 2014 (USA)
Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2014 (INDIA)
Rome Indipendent Film Festival (ITALIA)
Madrid International Film Festival 2014 (ITALIA)
Leonola FestivaL Inventa un Film 2014 (ITALIA)

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