Quick Guide IV - A Scorecard that Accounts for Mindfulness in Business

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About the author:
Paul C Burr is a business coach, multi-discipline author, speaker and 'energy healer', based in Hove, UK. His Facebook pages have amassed a total of over 20,000 followers. Burr has over 30 years experience in corporate sales, consulting and coaching, during which he spent 16 years with IBM. He has a PhD in Statistics and a First Class Honours Degree in Mathematics from Brunel University. He is a Certificated Master Practitioner in NLP.
Profile by Professor John Ditch, York, UK...
"Paul Burr is an incredibly interesting man. I met him in 2005 when he agreed to be my 'career coach'. At the time I held a senior position at a UK university and it was rather fashionable to undertake 'management training'; every member of our senior team was expected to devote time to 'continuing professional development'. I approached Paul because he offered something different, something a little more challenging. We met regularly over the course of a number of months. Paul was a good listener and quickly identified a number of issues that we could work on together. That was part of his style: he didn't teach, he didn't preach, he had no axe to grind. What he had was insight, humour and a remarkable capacity to facilitate self-questioning and reflection: he had a 'tool-kit' but he didn't carry spare parts. Our 'sessions' were always well organized and when I'd done my 'home-work' thoroughly they were both demanding and rewarding. Paul is a seriously bright 'numbers-person' (he has a PhD in statistics) and can do all the technical stuff that management consultants come out with. But he is more than that: he is also in touch with the right (creative/emotional) side of his brain. Thinking back there were three things that Paul facilitated or encouraged in me: first, he supported me to think about (or imagine) ways of 'doing things differently'; second, he emphasized the importance of 'authenticity'; third, he helped me develop additional capacity for 'resilience'. Time with Paul was all time well spent."

Quick Guide IV - A Scorecard that Accounts for Mindfulness in Business

A simple product and process for CEOs, programme managers and anyone wishing to visualise and measure personal, team or corporate success

Authored by Paul C Burr PhD

Superior results come from superior relationships.
You forge and strengthen relationships by how, how well and what you do and say.
How you come across depends on what's important to you, what you believe about yourself and the task in hand, your intentions, self image and sense of purpose.
When you 'feel good' about the above, you 'go the extra mile'. When you feel not good about yourself or what your doing.... you probably give and thus receive 'second best'.
Top performers are mindful about 'feeling good' most of the time. Moderate performers less so. Quick Guide IV reveals a mindful approach (based on research into top performance) to forge and strengthen business relationships to achieve superior results.

Author's Summary
When I first 'pieced together' the Mindfulness Scorecard, I called it, "The Dashboard for Success". I did so because it illustrates the metaphorical 'jigsaw pieces' required to succeed where most people do not; 'the what and how' top performers differentiate themselves from moderate performers; the 'what and the how' of what top performers do to feel good which 'moderates' find less easy to do.
You (by 'you' I mean you, me, us, we, your team or your organisation) achieve results through superior business relationships. You forge these relationships through what you do and say - and the skills and character with which you execute what you do and say. The quality of what you do and say is a function of how good you feel about yourself (self image) and what you're doing, what's important to you (your values), your intentions, your sense of identity and your sense of purpose.
Perhaps more than what you say and do, it's how you come across to others that matters most. Your character, shaped by your beliefs, intentions and self image, defines how others relate to you and respond. The Mindfulness Scorecard accounts for your traits and characteristics - to help you guide yourself to winning ways with those whom you wish to influence with integrity.
Healthy self-image: when you feel good about yourself and what you're doing, you will 'go the extra mile' to forge key business relationships you need, in order to succeed. You demonstrate passion and enthusiasm. You create the environment and shape the 'human context' (i.e. the governing values and beliefs of stakeholders) to succeed.
When you feel not good, you may find yourself giving 'second best' to these relationships; you undervalue yourself and what you have to offer. You need to be mindful; be who and do what you need to feel good.
Top performers (whether they're executives, managers or professionals) are very, very mindful about the results and outcomes they wish to achieve. They visualise the picture, hear the sounds and/or sit in the feeling of success before it happens. They know intimately where they are (the present moment) and where they want to be (a future moment) - yet not necessarily how they will bridge the gap between these two.
(Author's note: moderate performers don't find it as easy as top performers to imagine success.)
These two respective sets (of imagery, sounds and feelings), of the 'now' and the 'future', are all top performers require initially to invoke the Law of Business Attraction - see chapter of the same name in Quick Guide II: How to Spot, Mimic and Become a Top Salesperson.
As you read this guide you will discover why feeling good is paramount - and how to feel better, if not good, about the most challenging people and situations you face - including yourself. And once you are mindful - you are better positioned to start and remain feeling good!
A good place to start, to determine what success means to you, is to bring into focus what's important to you. When you place all the things that are important to you in priority of order, you have fleshed out your Hierarchy of Values.

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