Pharaohs of the Bible: 4004-960 B.C.

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Eve Engelbrite works from home in Texas. She earned a bachelor's degree in elementary education with minors in math and music from Arizona State University. She taught in public and private schools and home-schooled her son. She has created several educational products to remedy problems which others thought were impossible to solve.
Naming the unnamed pharaohs in the Bible was a gigantic puzzle to solve. And it was only possible with the guidance of God's Holy Spirit to discern the truth from the overwhelming amount of assumption.

Pharaohs of the Bible: 4004-960 B.C.

A Unifying High Chronology of Egypt based on a High View of Scripture

Authored by Eve Engelbrite
Edition: 2

"PHARAOHS OF THE BIBLE is a monumental survey and long-needed work, brilliantly giving us factual answers to the long-posed questions correlating the Biblical historical record with the Egyptological pharaonic records. Eve Engelbrite has exhaustively completed the research we all have wished to see, distilling the vast archives of previous and currently ongoing studies interpreting pharaonic inscriptions, chronology and history into a beautifully organized treasure-trove of copiously foot-noted facts - which triumphantly is also a very exciting read! Eve, God bless you in your highly successful and much needed work, you really did an astonishing amount of research and synthesis. Congratulations on succeeding in compiling and correlating so much minutia." -- David H. Swingler, author of www.Urim and Thummim.GOD

"I was blown away by the time-lines, dates and names. Eve Engelbrite did an amazing job in researching for this book. My husband, who knows more of his bible history than I do, was impressed with it. And my son is a history buff and found out there were things even he didn't know. The pictures are beautiful as well. They aren't in color but that doesn't take away from how impressive they are. Eve will take you through Shem's and Moses' Pharaohs, to Joseph's...and so on...with pictures and diagrams and maps.
This would be great for any History lover, or for any church library or if you are just interested in Pharaohs. This book was incredible. It's going in our church library. I see you can now get it on your Kindle in a new version. But I think the print version would be way better. This way everyone can see it and view it." -- Tammie Harrower

In order to name the unnamed pharaohs of the Bible, I had to resolve the conflict between ancient world history and Egypt's history by subjecting them all to the Bible's history. Thus I have a new chart for the date ranges of the various ages. Then I applied that chart to the stratigraphy of over 75 key cities (detailed in appendix A) to verify which pharaoh conquered it at which time.
There is plenty of evidence to support the history of the Bible:
1. Joseph's temporary silos and scarab sealings of Jacob (Yaqub-har) at Avaris (Tell el-Daba) right after Ahmose I defeated the Phoenician Hyksos of the 15th dynasty.
2. The first campaign of Seti I to Canaan to intercept the children of Jacob/Israel right after their exodus, causing Seti to force farmers to dredge canals to retrieve chariots in the Gulf of Aqaba.
3. Prince Hadad's flight to Egypt where he met Sheshonk I and queen Patareshnes and their sons, and then married the queen's sister (I Kings 11:13-21).

My chronology fits all the known archaeological synchronisms of Egypt's kings. My ages for stratigraphy are the best fit for archaeological synchronisms of the ancient world. "Pharaohs of the Bible" delineates how the historical accounts of the Holy Bible are the best fit for the archaeological evidence.

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