The Martial Art of Strategy

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About the author:
Igor Grishin; a founder of Russian School of Go and Strategy. He is a head of Go and Strategy department in Synergy University. He is the first in the country to use Go for business, marketing, management, and in martial and strategic arts. He is a master of 5 dan of the Chinese Go (Weiqi) Association. Igor is an author of over ten educational and artistic books dedicated to
ancient games.
Mikhail Emelyanov; a teacher and a vice head of Go and Strategy department in Synergy University. He develops innovative methods of intellect constructing, and leads a wide educational practice of strategy and mind organization. Within his students, there are businessmen, politicians and fund owners. Mikhail is an author of books about the intellect and strategic Go. He is a 3 dan of the Chinese Go (Weiqi) Association

The Martial Art of Strategy

Russian Style: Nine Elegant Solutions

Authored by Igor Grishin, Mikhail Emelyanov
Preface by Dr. Tamsin Jones
Edited by Dr. Tamsin Jones
Translated by Elena Myasnikova
Edition: 1

The Russian style appears in design, architecture, arts, politics, business, struggle, and even in brawling. The authors act in the context of this notion. That is why the book The Martial Art of Strategy: The Russian Style: Nine Elegant Solutions explains only the third and lower level of its title.

There are nine elegant solutions for getting out of the most difficult situations people can find themselves in their lives and businesses. The world of business is constantly changing. This ancient tradition of the art of strategy is successfully used by such giants of world business as Microsoft, Japan Airlines, LG, Samsung, Toyota Motors, Citigroup, and Acer as well as by the governments of South Korea, Japan and China. Examples of this art in practice can be found in Russia as well. In the USA, military and political leaders are advised to acquaint themselves with go by Pentagon experts.

Why do great world corporations turn to the practice of a little-known ancient game? Only in the middle of the twentieth century did the western school of business-strategy start seriously studying approaches and methods of area development and management. Up to now the schools of spatial development and spatial reasoning are new fashionable trends rather than old and well-known ones. Strategic and logical games that are popular in the West such as chess, draughts and dominoes either do not contain the idea of space or include it only as an idea of secondary importance. Space there works as a scenery or frame that provides the game's boundaries. It does not have any value in itself, but the pieces need it for moving.

In contrast, in the Chinese strategic tradition the principles of development, organization and spatial development have been known since antiquity. Moreover, these theories and approaches were taken as the basis of the Chinese civilization. Essentially, the Chinese public administration started with the division of the empire into nine squares. The name of China, Zhongguo Middle Kingdom refers to a place or space. Another, poetical, name of China, Surrounding from Ten Sides , also uses the idea of space. Attention to this idea of space organization and its management runs through Chinese political and military philosophy.

This book reflects only one side of the multifold researches conducted by the authors under the auspices of the School of Martial Art and Strategic Play Ascension. However, familiarity with even only one book will probably help you see new horizons of development for you and your corporation. The strategic concepts described in this book are just a small part of the deep knowledge of strategy that the ancient art of I contains. In the book strategic concepts and elegant solutions built on their base are considered in three spheres: the art of the game of Go, examples from military strategy, and examples from business and politics. The nine elegant solutions makeup a toolset tested by thousands of years of practice in China and Japan.

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0989809404 / 9780989809405
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