Holy Bible - Modern Literal Version

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Holy Bible - Modern Literal Version

The Open Bible Translation - Cutting Edge Update

Authored by God
Edited by MLV Committee
Edition: 2013 Update

This 'cutting edge' edition was originally used for beta editions, BOLD Letter Edition, New Testament, 2017 update, 10-13-2017, black and white with the words of the Trinity in BOLD print, 2 column, standard 11 point font size and about 20 blank pages for notes.

The MLV is not sold for profit so electronic versions are free and samples on the website, www.mlvbible.org. Unlike ALL other translations in print, all Christian groups have had the opportunity to propose fixes for the MLV or to assist in some way, Open Source to remove all religious biases, traditions or doctrines of men with 325+ contributors and 1 Million+ possible proofreaders. "Thus saith the Greek" is our motto.

The Modern Literal Version uses the Majority Text (The New Testament in the Original Greek, Byzantine Textform 2005/2010. ISBN: 978-1540415585 & 978-1540792457).

Only three primary methods exist to translate a foreign language. The first is to translate each word in a literal word for word fashion, keeping the original word order. (ISBN: 978-1973921967). When combined with the Greek text, they are called interlinears.

The Modern Literal Version is the second type: 'Literal' or 'word-for-word' translation. This sounds like the first, but is not the same and the two are often confused. In a literal version each word and phrase is uniformly rendered, Greek idioms are carefully translated uniformly. The Greek parts of speech are rearranged as they would be in typical English order of: Subject, verb, object, indirect object, and punctuation are added. Greek is extremely choppy and supplied words are needed to have an 'English like flow' to them rather than paraphrasing. Supplied words are identified in the MLV.

The third translation method, and the most common one in the past 30 years, is to paraphrase the Greek into English. These are easy to spot because they read like a newspaper and have no supplied words marked. They are known by various names, such as dynamic equivalence, essentially literal, free style, thought-for-thought, better than a word-for-word, and so on. 95% of all Bible translations are this type. The value of paraphrased versions is for those looking for a Bible that reads like a story book and would never be used as a study tool. However, we feel strongly that thought-for-thought introduces too many editorial opinions. We want what God said, not an interpretation of it. They are sometimes better described as 'opinion for opinion' because each time they are proofread more personal beliefs are exchanged for the Word of God. One way to look at it is like this: If there was a court case with a key document as evidence, and this document was in a foreign language, would a 'thought-for-thought' translation be acceptable? The document we are talking about here is the 'Last Will and Testament' of our Lord Jesus. The third type translations are watered down and those places that are disputed by the various religious groups will always match the beliefs of their translators, publishing company or the church behind the translation!

Amazon search terms (ISBN) for every book in the MLV & Byzantine Text Form series:
7"x10" MLV N.T. in sky blue (12pt font size): 978-1977787491
7"x10" MLV N.T. in pink for the ladies and cancer survivors (12pt): 978-1976027314
All below are 8.5"x11"
Modern Literal Word for Word (Pre) Translation (11pt): 978-1973921967
MLV English Concordance linked with Strong's Numbers (11pt): 978-1503330115
Greek Lexicon & Greek Concordance with Strong's (11pt): 978-1503338166
Analytical Greek Lexicon & Greek Concordance (12.5pt Greek): 978-1974377015
MLV Larger Print N.T. (14pt) 978-1545531419
MLV O.T (11pt).: 978-154040211
Wide Margin MLV N.T. (12pt): 978-1494881146
MLV N.T. (used to be used for beta editions; 11pt): 978-1492776277
New Testament in the Original Greek: Byzantine Textform 2005/2010: 978-1540415585, with NU footnotes: 978-1540792457

Jesus is Lord! To God is the glory forevermore. Amen.

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1492776270 / 9781492776277
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8.5" x 11"
Black and White
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