Debunking The Health Care Debacle

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Debunking The Health Care Debacle

Biting the Hand that Feeds Me

Authored by Desmond Allen PhD

Health care is broken and nothing Congress has done, is doing, plans to do or has even debated, will fix it. The Affordable Health Care Act will not fix it. The fervent arguments from both sides of the isle on Capitol Hill are fallacious; neither addressing the crux of the matter. It is not who should have access to health care, or even how to pay for it; the issue is the health care system itself-the excessive, unwarranted services it forces upon us. Misallocation and overutilization are not merely a problem they are the framework upon which the medical economy is structured.

I submit that the health care system itself is sick, terminally ill. Like an irreparable myopathic heart, hopelessly destroyed by disease, no amount of money can cure this sick system. More personnel cannot cure it. Better trained clinicians cannot cure it. It needs to be replaced. It must be cut away and a new system put in its place.

Herein, I suggest a viable replacement, a new system that would provide necessary health care to all. But it will take an act of Congress; for many laws concerning medical service providers and reimbursement for medical services must be changed. The current medical system will fight it to the bitter end. So too will the medical malpractice trial lawyers, for the cash cow from which both of them suck will be removed. Making changes that might disrupt their financial status is not in their best interest. As such, seeking their opinion to resolve the health care dilemma is like asking the fox how to secure the chicken coop. And I am telling America at large; the fox is in the hen house while the hounds on Capitol Hill are baying at the moon.

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