Why America is being Judged

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Why America is being Judged

How the Land will Cleanse itself

Authored by C. Alan Martin
Edition: 2

The Land is Vomiting Us Out

This is where we are today and this is why we are enduring the hardships across the land. The land is seeking to spew out the perversion and reprobates that are polluting the land. The abominations are making the land sick, and the land is attempting to vomit out the poison.

History repeats itself. As America becomes more and more hardened to sin and becomes further from God, those who follow these wicked laws will increase both in number and in wickedness. We have seen in the Bible that entire nations were swept up with these abominations, men and women, old and young. What will stop the spread of this wickedness in America? Will God spare has He has before?

Never in the history recorded in the Bible or in secular history has a gentile nation come back from this degree of abomination!

Once the abominations are made law and declared to be "rights", the fate of that nation is irreversible.

A defiled, corrupt, and reprobate nation cannot be restored to purity any more than rotten fruit can be restored to freshness.

The fate of that nation is inevitable. This is especially true of a nation like the United States that has been blessed beyond any nation in history. If it can be said that a nation should have known better, America was that nation. Out nation was founded by Christians seeking a place to practice their faith in freedom. We have churches on every street corner and in every strip mall. The gospel truth has been blasted in every community on the airwaves and on the street corners. The truth about God is well known and established. America has been blessed beyond all the nations on the planet with power, prosperity, and wisdom. Yet she has turned on God to abominations.

God poured forth His mercy once because His people pleaded for the nation like Abram pleaded for Sodom. God poured out His mercy and America was blessed and blessed even more. Instead of turning to God with thankfulness and praise, she blasphemed Him all the worse and turned against God's people with hate and scorn.

The children of God in America are now experiencing the first volleys of a persecution as they never experienced before. A persecution madness will spring up and believers will be in utter confusion and bewilderment as to what is happening. In my spirit I see the confused and bewildered faces of believers as they are hounded by authorities and persued by hate filled mobs, and hunted by police squads.

Her fate is sealed. There is no coming back. This nation will be destroyed to the point where what remains will not be recognizable as what it once was. The people of this nation will be vomited out of the land just as the wicked were vomited out of the nations of old.

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