Dare Hunter

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About the author:
WHEN YOU READ THE ABOUT THE AUTHOR segment, some would think that someone else wrote about the Author. No. It is the Author writing about himself. As I hate talking about myself I will make this short and sweet, well perhaps not so sweet......Ha!
I am out of my mind, to the best of my knowledge. I am an underground actor and independent filmmaker (two-time award winning filmmaker mind you, as well as a best actor nominee), producer, director and writer......duh. As an actor and filmmaker I am famous, although only well known in the independent underground world, so if you are not dead and buried you have no clue who I am, until now, nice to meet you.
I sunk every hurt and sorrow I could find in my being into Buchannon Dare, so many of his pains are real, for they are mine.
I don't care whether you choose to read my novel as a result of this foreword or not, I even warn you to throw it away in the preface; not because it is a bad novel, but for the brutality of the journey. I am just a guy who chose to write a novel, well actually others chose me to write a book, so I did, and I'm currently in the middle of three more. What have they done to me?! Thank you for taking the DARE if you dare to read this one.

Now rock on!......D~

Dare Hunter

A journey into vengeance the road to insanity heartbreak and finally enlightenment

Authored by David Stay
Edition: 1

Thank you for your interest in DARE HUNTER. If you tend to read aloud make sure there are no children within earshot for they will never sleep again, at least not soundly. I warned you. Please note, this is not a novel of horror, but it is filled with horrific brutality. The idea of this novel is that He is not writing to you but reading to you. Now, once you turn this page, you will be sunk into the mind of Buchannon Dare, his mind slowly tormented and tortured, as he dishes out the same torment in a rampage of revenge. He takes a stand for the victims, the little guys who can't defend themselves, those who have been raped, others taken advantage of, and those too innocent to have been abused. He never wanted for anything, he just felt his God turned his back on him, and he could not care less. He is by no means a bad guy, just hunting for the worst of them and giving them what they deserve besides a prison cell. Once trapped by him, they are subjected to the cruelty spilling forth from the prison of our hero's mind. I give you fair warning again before you join him on this journey, for it gets deeper than my mind can even write or describe to you.

Put on your seat belt and follow him into a dark forest of your own imagination, my words holding your hand. I did what I must; you do what you must. So, either put me in the freezer or toss me in the trash and keep your sanity; for this ride with me is fucking crazy. Ho hum, seat belt not on yet? Listen and listen close, dammit! Do you see the needle? When was the last time you saw one? It is so skinny, so fragile, and yet so sharp and bloodthirsty by mistake. That was my mind writing this. Want to peek through its eye? I don't think you do; for in that tiny hole, you will find such terror. That was the eye of my needle; my mind. You want no part of it I assure you. You know what? Come on in any way, they are waiting for you. I know you want to do it. Make your mind a thread and push it through please, I beg you. Now you have it, a taste like a lick of salt upon your palate. Now read this novel, I DARE you!

Publication Date:
1493503065 / 9781493503063
Page Count:
Binding Type:
US Trade Paper
Trim Size:
6" x 9"
Black and White
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Fiction / Thrillers

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